Aug 21

A no-deal Brexit could unleash a flood of fake goods in the UK, retail expert says

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei lays out ‘battle’ strategy amid US…

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei laid out plans to bring more efficiencies to the organization. This included simplifying the reporting structure, cutting down on surplus staff, axing…

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Aug 20

Small Business Marketing Automation: Data Privacy Tips

Even for newbies, building a website can be easy with today’s tools. Turning it into a successful online business is a whole different challenge. You can have the most visually appealing site with great functionality, but still struggle to attract users and customers. That’s why marketing is such an important skill and practice in every modern industry.

The power of technology has radically shifted how marketing is done in today’s world. No longer do companies have to invest a lot of money on television or print advertisements that might not prove successful. Instead, the internet allows for marketing to be targeted at specific demographics so that people see ads that are as relevant as possible.

However, small businesses are now coming up against a crucial dilemma. Online privacy has become a major discussion in recent years, and large amounts of personal data are required to run a successful marketing platform. So how can small businesses keep automating their advertising and marketing efforts without sacrificing their customers’ trust? Good question.

Government regulation and compliance and how it affects marketing automation

After seeing serious data breaches become almost a daily occurrence due to new hacking threats or negligence, some governments have begun taking steps to regulate how personal data is handled online. A prime example is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which was instituted by the European Union in 2018.

GDPR affects any small business or organization that operates a website within its boundaries or caters to customers from Europe. In order to stay compliant, you must adhere to a strict list of policies that could change how you collect, share and analyze data about individual people.

Failure to stay compliant with GDPR comes with hefty fines, and the same is true if your organization suffers a data breach and does not notify affected users in a timely manner. Many governments across the globe are now looking to institute new regulations that are based on the standards set in the EU’s GDPR.

Starting with transparency

As an online company that relies on data-driven marketing strategies, regulations like GDPR may seem like a roadblock to your goals. However, in reality, it is an opportunity to review your data retention policies and consider the level of trust you are looking to maintain with customers.

The key priority when it comes to preserving user privacy is to be as transparent as possible in every situation. Collecting user data is not inherently illegal or bad. But you need to be upfront with people about when it is happening and what the ramifications will be for them.

For organizations that need to overhaul their marketing strategy to be aligned with government regulations, the best place to start is probably with a new privacy policy. This document should be accessible from your homepage and should be written in a simple format. The goal is to help customers understand what their data is used for and how it is being safely stored.

Transparency also means giving individual users the option to remove themselves from marketing distributions or tracking. The best practice is to use an opt-in approach, which means that data storage will not begin until a user expressly indicates that they want to participate.

Email marketing in a GDPR world

For almost any online business, email marketing is an indispensable part of the overall strategy and one of the areas it’s easy to run afoul of GDPR and similar regulations. Today, at the heart of the best email marketing software services lies automation. You can set up a series of autoresponders that will automatically be sent at specific intervals depending upon a particular link or sign-up form a potential customer clicked or filled out.

The thing to keep in mind is that it is in these services’ best interest to make clients like you feel happy and secure that privacy laws are being followed. There’s a good chance they’ll do their part where needed to update wording, function, and format related to templates, policies, features, internal processes, agreements, and more. But you have responsibilities also independent of your email marketing provider.

Read about the term “data controller” and understand that you’re probably one according to GDPR. This is particularly important in countries like Germany, U.K., and Canada, which had strict data controller laws for email marketing platforms and other small business software prior to the ratification of GDPR in May 2018. 

Rest easy, No one is going to ask you to stop using email or social media posting automation. What you do need to do is understand which are the dangerous spots in the marketing process that could get you in trouble with GDPR. You need to know the proper way to collect, handle, and store customer data, and also correctly respond to requests from the owners of that data.

Technology changes to make to marketing automation

For online businesses, one of the big challenges in prioritizing user privacy is getting a full understanding of where user data resides and how it is being managed. Cloud environments are often quite distributed and may involve several third-party platforms. This means that responsibility for compliance is spread out and can be difficult to control.

Businesses should perform a thorough audit of their marketing systems and ensure that each one meets regulatory standards. The best vendor tools will offer to assist in these audits to verify compliance status. Avoid any third-party product that is offering to buy user data from you for marketing purposes.

Stressing the benefits

Many people across the globe have become skeptical about sharing any sort of personal or sensitive information with online companies. In order to keep your marketing automation systems running effectively, you need to build consistent trust with these users. The best way to do that is by emphasizing the benefits they will receive from smarter marketing campaigns.

The reason most internet users get annoyed with advertisements is not because they take up too much space; it’s because they are trying to sell a product or service that is of no interest to them. Segmented and targeted marketing is the solution to this dilemma, but the only way to make that possible is to leverage key bits of user data.

To help put customer concerns at ease, companies should consider making all marketing data anonymized and encrypted whenever possible. For example, let’s say, “John Smith” adds two tennis rackets to his shopping cart. That information can be tracked in your marketing database to target relevant ads to him, but the data should be tagged to a randomized ID number and encoded so that hackers will not be able to steal it.

Bottom line

Modern small businesses rely on automation platforms to make their marketing strategies smarter and more effective. But these systems require a huge amount of user data, which can feel like an invasion of privacy to your customers. 

As the owner of a website or online business, it is your responsibility to store all private data in a secure manner while still leveraging its value in marketing campaigns. That might be a tall order but that is the reality in today’s intrusive online world.

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Aug 19

Donna Probes: In business, its sink or soar

There are two pathways in the world of owning a business. One leads to successful growth and the other can lead to stagnation or decline.

In this column, we’ll look at four common mistakes that can contribute to sinking a business. Next month I’ll focus more on the optimistic side and examine the practices that help insure a higher level of success and prosperity.

Unless the odds are on your side through some stroke of miraculous luck, a good way to put your new business in jeopardy is through lack of advance research and planning. Tracking industry trends, calculating realistic cash flow projections and researching your competition all serve as very good indicators of how successful you will be in your business. Without a one, five and ten-year strategic plan, plus a well defined mission statement, you are more likely to fall victim to distraction, impulsive decision-making and lack of focus.

The next big mistake is not utilizing the marketing tools that have the greatest potential for reaching your customer. You must know where your customers gather their information when making their buying decisions. In today’s world it is most often the Internet. Therefore, every business owner must have a working knowledge of Internet based marketing, including websites, social media, search engine optimization, content marketing, blogs, geo targeting, cost per lead, and the many other web marketing concepts.

Another common mistake is lack of diversification. Unless you sell a product that enjoys endless demand and is proven to be recession proof, it is a good idea to create multiple income streams through a variety of product lines or services. A one-product business is always at risk for market saturation, new competitors and other threatening economic factors. So always look for ways to utilize your assets and equipment to produce new products and services. Stay current on trends and scout out entrepreneurial opportunities.

Mistake number four is overleveraging the business with too much debt. A good rule of thumb is a total debt to asset ratio of at least 1:1. In other words if you owe $50,000 in commercial loans, credit card debt, accounts payable and mortgages you should always have at least $50,000 of assets in the form of cash in the bank, liquid investments, and tangible property that can be sold instantly. Your accounts receivable is a “bird in the bush,” so the cautious business owner will not include this in the ratio.

The smart business owner will continually learn new skills and expand their knowledge. The next SCORE workshop will offer tips for taking your business to the next level. The September 17 event, held at the main Traverse Area District Library branch at 11:30 a.m. will start with a self-evaluation of your current sales process. It will include many helpful suggestions for increasing efficiency in order to beef up your bottom line. Time and people management will also be covered. This event is free of charge. To reserve your spot, visit

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Aug 18

What good can Pinterest do for your business?

Every business owner wants an easy, organic way to grow business. After all, what’s better than free advertising? Many rely on word of mouth, client referrals, and maybe the occasional good-hearted person who decided to write a good Yelp review about the business.

While that’s all good and well, advertising in that way can be exhausting and stressful. What if someone says something negative? What if an unsatisfied customer takes to the Internet to voice their frustrations? What if no conversion happens and no one comes into your store or purchases your product? There are so many “what ifs” when it comes to organic marketing.

There has to be some way to prevent such a nightmare from happening.

Social media marketing has proven time and again that the style of marketing is shifting. Billboards, printed ads, and so on are nice, but what people consume digitally has a greater impact that we can even fathom. Even if someone sees your product for just a quick second, that small glance at what you do can stay with them for months or even years. The world is your oyster in this Internet age.

So how do you make it work for you?

Pinterest has risen as a social media platform for businesses to display their work in a chic, easy to access way. Taking advantage of a Pinterest marketing course is just the key to unlock the potential of the platform so you can convert those clicks to purchases.

A Pinterest marketing course will take you through the steps on how to grow your business in an organic way online, no matter what your experience is with the platform. Courses like these are absolutely perfect for you and your business even if you’ve never visited Pinterest before.

Of course, you want to make sure that such strategy is worth your time, money, and effort, right? According to Forbes, Pinterest has a large play in conversion rates, with a dramatic upswing in its conversions with smaller shopping carts. This platform is ideal for the smaller business owner with an eye for aesthetics, but it can easily be molded to fit any user need.

Now, the trick is to convert those clicks on your product to actual purchases. In a course focused on Pinterest, all the information presented will be focused on how to make Pinterest really work for you, rather than being a stagnant platform with your products being tossed around. Imagine the growth possibilities if you knew how to control the media platform so it exactly fits what you want your target audience to see and hear.

Pinterest can be a powerful, business-changing tool if used correctly. If you’re looking to grow your business, drive more sales online, or even just get your name into the market in an easy, interactive way, going the route of Pinterest is your best bet.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today to change the way your business grows and gets recognized.

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Aug 17

The best digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week – Econsultancy

Rebecca here, filling in for Nikki with the regular weekly stats roundup.

This week’s roundup includes stats on customer journey mapping, delivery times, store closures and personal data sharing.

As ever, you can find a wealth of other statistics on all kinds of topics in our handy Internet Statistics Database.

43% of mid-market e-retailers deliver an order within two days

Research firm Digital Commerce 360 recently published a report, in collaboration with Amware, that takes a close look at the fulfillment strategies of mid-market e-retailers and companies’ levels of satisfaction with their own performance.

The report, ‘Are Your Fulfillment Operations Good Enough?‘ found that 43% of mid-market e-retailers – classified as companies who ship 3,000 or more packages monthly – say they typically deliver a standard B2C order within two days. Of these, 13% of e-retailers reported delivering an item one day after the order was placed, while 30% took two days from order to delivery.

Two-day shipping is becoming the ultimate goal as retailers of every kind strive to compete with the lure of Amazon Prime’s guaranteed free two-day delivery. International shipping giant FedEx, for example, began offering two-day express air shipping at the same price that it charges for ground service to some customers shortly after terminating a long-standing contract with Amazon.

Digital Commerce 360 and Amway also surveyed companies on the importance of the fulfillment operation to their success of a business, and found that e-retailers place a very high priority on fulfillment, with 49% of respondents rating fulfillment a 10 in terms of importance (on a scale of one to 10) and 21% rating it a nine. Fifteen percent of respondents rated fulfillment an eight out of 10 for importance, and only 18% of respondents rated the importance of fulfillment a seven or below.

Further reading

20+ stats that show how online retail is changing

Mapping customer behaviour is a key differentiator for companies who outperform in CX

Econsultancy’s recent report, Walking in their Footsteps – The Business Case for Customer Journey Mapping, produced in association with Salesforce, surveyed more than 1,266 marketing executives on the state of customer journey mapping, its impact and its success factors.

It found that of companies who outperform in customer experience, mapping customer behaviour across all touchpoints is a key differentiator: 88% report that it has had a positive impact on their ability to deliver personalised CX.

Companies who are advanced at delivering personalised customer journeys report the benefits as:

  • Improved retention rates (cited by 51% of respondents)
  • Increased lifetime value, due to repeat visits, personalised marketing and the trust of the individual (cited by 45%)
  • Increased sales (cited by 41%)

Of those companies carrying out customer journey mapping at any level, 87% also said that it helps them identify the gaps between what customers want and what they’re getting. Econsultancy subscribers can download the full report for more insights, or read more practical guidance on customer experience in our Guide to Customer Experience Management.

Snapchat users buy 20% more gifts than the average non-Snapchatter

It might seem a little early for a holiday marketing guide, but social app Snapchat is clearly keen to get in before the rush by putting out its Snapchat 2019 Holiday Marketing Guide in August.

The guide, adorned with cartoonish Bitmoji and Snapchat’s signature bright yellow, contains some interesting statistics about the gift-buying habits of Snapchatters. According to Snapchat’s internal data, Snapchatters buy 20% more gifts than the average non-Snapchatter, and are 60% more likely to make impulse purchases.

Unsurprisingly, they are also a mobile-oriented demographic, and are 20% more likely to make purchases on mobile. Another statistic that will appeal to marketers is the news that Snapchatters are 64% more likely to start holiday shopping on Black Friday.

By releasing this holiday marketing guide, Snapchat is clearly hoping to entice advertisers into launching a campaign on its platform, pitching its “unique audience” and “latest products – which make it easier than ever for Snapchatters to engage with your brand”.

Parent company Snap’s star is currently in the ascendancy with its share price up almost 200% since January, and a shift has been reported in Snapchat’s approach to advertising, with more emphasis being placed on its Generation Z audience and other unique selling points. With resources like the Holiday Marketing Guide, it is aiming to keep the momentum going and show advertisers what they stand to gain from its audience.

Sales of physical entertainment products are plunging in favour of online streaming

New market research by Kantar, reported on by The Guardian, has revealed the swift decline in sales of physical entertainment products as UK consumers increasingly shift to streaming media online instead of buying physical products.

Kantar’s research found that total sales of physical entertainment products fell by 19% YOY in the second quarter of 2019, from £263.9 million to £214 million. In the video market, sales – primarily of DVDs – plummeted by 28%, from £111.5 million to £80.7 million.

High angle view and blue tinted image of DVDs

Sales of CDs also fell by 11% over the quarter, from £80 million to £71 million, a drop that was exacerbated by a lack of “big name” music releases as well as the closure of HMV stores. The Guardian reports that HMV, which has closed 27 stores so far this year, has suffered the biggest fall in market share among retailers of physical entertainment products, from 17.7% to 14.4%. Game saw its market share fall from 8.1% to 7.6%, as video game sales fell 14% over the quarter to £62 million.

Supermarket chains like Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s, who are also major sellers of physical entertainment products, recorded similar falls in market share.

This news comes on the heels of the announcement that ITV and the BBC are forging ahead with BritBox, a joint British streaming service aimed at rivalling the dominance of Netflix in the UK, as consumers’ appetite for streaming services continues to rise.

The number of store closures in the US has already surpassed 2018

Coresight Research recently published data on year-to-date store closures and openings in the US by sector, and it makes grim reading for bricks-and-mortar retailers.

According to the report, major US retailers have announced 7,567 store closures so far this year – up from 5,524 in 2018. Meanwhile, only 3,064 new stores have been opened in 2019, less than half the number that have closed. The only bright spot is that new store openings are on track to surpass 2018, which saw 3,083 new stores from major retailers.

As for how these figures break down by sector, apparel specialist stores have topped the casualty list, with 2,750 store closures announced so far in 2019. General merchandise stores have seen the greatest number of new outlets opened, with Dollar General, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar accounting for a “significant majority” of the openings, according to Coresight.

Six pureplay online retailers that opened brick-and-mortar stores

Consumers are less willing to share their personal data, even in exchange for tailored advertising

The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) has published its second annual Privacy Study, surveying 1,100 American consumers on their attitudes to sharing data.

It found that the percentage of Americans willing to share their home address has fallen by 10 percentage points compared with last year’s survey, from 41% to 31%. Respondents were also eight percentage points less likely to want to share their spouse’s first name and surname (declining from 41% to 33%), seven percentage points less likely to share their personal email address (with 54% willing to share this data, down from 61% in 2018), and even six percentage points less likely to share their own first and last name (63% in 2019, down from 69% in 2018).

The research also noted that, for the second year in a row, respondents did not indicate more willingness to share their data if it would result in a personalised advertising experience. The researchers conceded that “it is possible that this finding was affected by the need to ask the same question twice” (as the wording of the two questions was very similar), but on the face of things, it appears to paint a bleak picture for advertisers who rely on collecting customers’ personal data.

This increasing reluctance on the part of US consumers to share personally identifying information is reflected in the push to pass legislation like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which would give them the right to opt out of data collection by corporations.

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Aug 16

BuzzFeed Marketing Chief Ben Kaufman to Step Down, Will Focus on Camp Retail Expansion

Ben Kaufman is stepping down as BuzzFeed’s chief marketing officer after less than a year, moving into an advisory role at the company with the planned expansion of Kaufman’s Camp retail stores.

Starting in January 2020, Kaufman will shift into an “active advisory role” at BuzzFeed, as Camp continues to expand and “require more of his day-to-day attention,” CEO Jonah Peretti wrote in a memo to staffers Wednesday. The Information first reported the news of Kaufman’s new role.

BuzzFeed opened its first Camp experiential toy store in December 2018, a 10,000-square-foot space in Manhattan’s Flatiron District at 110 5th Ave. By the end of next year, BuzzFeed expects to open five more Camp stores, including in Dallas and Brooklyn. Camp is an independent startup, in which BuzzFeed has a minority stake.

Peretti said BuzzFeed has started working on a transition plan for the CMO role. For now, he wrote, “Ben continues to lead several priority projects, and his team is on target to exceed their goals for the year.” The CEO added that “I continue to feel good about our business and projections for the rest of the year and into 2020.”

Kaufman joined BuzzFeed in 2016 as chief commerce officer, before being named to the CMO job in January 2019. During his tenure at the digital-media company, he helped develop the Tasty line of products for Walmart and the Goodful brand at Macy’s.

Prior to BuzzFeed, Kaufman was an internet entrepreneur and most recently served as founder and CEO of Quirky, a startup that creates products based on ideas submitted by inventors.

“Very thankful for proud of my time at BuzzFeed,” Kaufman tweeted Thursday about the change. “Lucky and excited to continue to be a part of the BF family as I shift my focus to scaling

This summer, Kaufman also led the launch of BuzzFeed’s first in-person event, Internet Live, an invite-only shindig in New York featuring dashes of internet culture and personalities. The July 25 event featured performances by Lil Nas X and JoJo Siwa. Previously, Kaufman had said the company planned to produce more live events.

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Aug 15

With Tumblr acquisition, Automattic gets a chance to win more brands’ business

Those are crucial opportunities for a company that has already built a dominant position in web publishing. WordPress, Automattic’s core product, powers close to one-third of the sites on the internet. But as brands and marketers start to take digital publishing more seriously and creators try to diversify revenue streams online, a race among tech companies, publishers and platforms to power those pursuits has intensified.

In theory, Tumblr’s audience and capabilities offer Automattic an opportunity to further professionalize the internet’s creative class, and do so in a democratic way. It’s a return to what Tumblr did in its earliest days, and one welcomed by many of its earliest supporters.

“I was happy that it was [sold] to a place that I feel like will honor its value and is aligned with what David [Karp] put together to begin with, rather than what they had at Verizon and Yahoo,” said Fred Seibert, one of Tumblr’s early investors.

Given the price that Automattic reportedly paid for Tumblr, there is no risk to trying new things with it. But Tumblr still faces tough problems. Last year, Tumblr’s user base began to decline for the first time, according to eMarketer. The research firm projects those declines will continue at a steady pace, leaving Tumblr with around 16 million active U.S. users by 2022. That would amount to around 7% of U.S. social platform users, per eMarketer.

In its final years with Verizon, Tumblr had also become a dumping ground for other Verizon Media endeavors, including original video programming after the collapse of Go90.

The platform also continues to lose money. Mullenweg told the Verge that Tumblr has under-performed commercially.

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And while Automattic will attempt to shore up Tumblr’s ad business – much of the advertising shown on the platform is programmatic display inventory, an ad format that Tumblr’s users do not like – the longer-term plan hinges on selling services and business capabilities to Tumblr’s creator base.

“I’m curious about turning on things like some of the e-commerce functionality we’ve been developing with Woocommerce, memberships; those things I think would be very, very interesting to the Tumblr community,” Mullenweg said.

Reversing that course will be difficult. Tumblr emerged as a preferred platform for creative people back when the internet was dominated by text and images. Today, while the platform does allow native photo and video posts, people still think of Tumblr principally as a text- and image-focused property.

“The challenge of the world we live in today isn’t about Tumblr or Automattic.” Siegel said. “It’s about creative people always looking to the next thing, and in some ways, Tumblr is not seen by the creative class as the next thing.”

But even if individual creators are focused on newer platforms, many brands and businesses are in a position where they can still use what Tumblr has offered for years: a flexible, potent publishing platform and direct access to pockets of highly engaged users. That message was a tough sell at Yahoo and Verizon, but it resonated powerfully with some clients in those early days. “Unlike Facebook, where all you could really do was create within a tab on the page, this was truly limitless,” said one former sales-side Tumblr employee. “You had marketers discovering, ‘I don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a website anymore.’”

The Tumblr acquisition comes against a backdrop of publishers trying to grow their revenues by licensing their CMSes. The Washington Post’s Arc and Vox Media’s Chorus have been on hiring sprees, furiously rolling out product updates in an attempt to grow market share not just among media companies but, in the case of Arc, among marketers and brands.

“That’s indicative of where Matt sees the direction of the company going,” said Bradford Campeau-Laurion, chief strategy officer of Alley Interactive. “Wordpress VIP was originally aimed at traditional publishers. But they’re looking for marketers, for those content marketing sites; they want to expand their reach. This is a very natural extension of that.”

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Aug 14

3 Actionable Steps To Boost SEO For Lead Generation And Sales, According To DesignRush

4.    Momentumm Digital

Momentumm is a digital marketing and video production company based in Montreal. They specialize in video production and digital advertising with a focus on creating online momentum for their clients. Their tactics are aimed at helping brands increase the reach of audience and attract new customers. They claim to drive the highest potential return on investment for their clients and their services include digital advertising on leading networks, video production services, search engine optimization, and web design and development.

5.    Moore Than SEO

Successful branding drives sales because it is the final result of the image that brands convey to their customers. Moore Than SEO specializes in attracting new customers and retaining customer loyalty by speaking in your client’s technical language. Their team of tech experts takes the time to learn the complexities of their products and services and develop a marketing plan to blow each client’s competition out of the water. By building and executing a customized technical SEO strategy, Moore Than SEO reaches target customers wherever they roam.

6.    Active Business Growth

Active Business Growth is a digital agency based in Richmond Hill, Ontario within the Greater Toronto area. They have a results-oriented approach to digital marketing and SEO. Their ability to rank clients within competitive industries and niches has made their services well known in both the corporate world and the local market.

7.    Acute SEO

Acute SEO specialists are experienced in providing search engine optimization, web design, and digital marketing services in Reno, NV and nationwide. The agency believes that SEO is arguably the best marketing channel available to most businesses looking to grow. Their mission is to carry out marketing solutions that will increase their clients’ customer acquisition efforts.

8.    Adrenalina

Adrenalina is an SEO Agency from Barcelona that helps clients boost their website to the top search engine positions. From SEO and technical consulting to the creation of content-oriented to leads and sales, they are equipped to drive success to their clients. Their team covers different services in the field of digital marketing, such as SEO, SEM, and web design.

9.    AllProWeb Marketing

AllProWeb Marketing is a Google Adwords certified agency that provides personalized marketing services to their clients. They help companies in creating an SEO strategy to position their website on the first page of Google. AllProWeb Marketing’s approach includes finding the right keywords to target the potential customers of the brands they work with.

10.    Behavioral Health Network Resources

Behavioral Health Network Resources is an agency that focuses on drug rehab SEO marketing for addiction treatment centers. Their team works with brands to help them generate leads and phone calls. The agency starts by providing their customers with a structurally sound website, high-quality back-links, and then moving to the full implementation of the SEO strategy.

11.    Bester Capital Media

Bester Capital Media is one of UAE’s leading digital marketing solutions agencies. They help companies attract customers, convert leads, develop apps and websites, and deliver better experiences. Since the year 2000, their team has been on a mission to enhance clients’ businesses with the most powerful branding, marketing, advertising, design, development, and technology solutions.

12.    Click SEO Services

Based in India, Click SEO Services is a digital agency that focuses on search engine optimization, social media, content marketing and link building. They aim to provide customized online marketing so that their clients gain an advantage over their competitors. Their strategic online marketing is results-focused and tailored to their customer needs.

13. was born from a team of entrepreneurs and content marketing experts with a proven track record of building and launching successful SaaS platforms and services. They execute cohesive content strategies based on extensive keyword analysis and target research. They have been able to rank for highly competitive search terms, resulting in tangible increases in traffic and leads to their clients’ websites.

14.    C1 Partners

C1 Partners provides services to increase traffic, leads, and sales. Their team aligns with customers through financial modeling, search-engine friendly messaging, and strict conversion audit processes. Employing certified digital marketing experts and standardized and modular processes, they strive to maintain a laser-focus on results.

15.    Creode

Creode specializes in a humanize digital experience. Their team is comprised of a great mix of minds and skills across the digital space, including strategists, UX professionals, designers, developers, marketers and project managers. With offices in Leeds and London, they have years of experience delivering expert work for their global clients.

16.    Digital Alpha Agency

Digital Alpha Agency is a digital agency that aims to assist companies with online growth and recognition. They claim to help businesses scale their profits by capitalizing social media marketing, optimizing their sales funnels, and providing community growth. Their team works with businesses from various industries with a specialization in the health and fitness sector.

17.    Digital Success

Digital Success has helped clients from various industries to dominate their Google results page and sustain their rankings. The team at Digital Success uses programmatic advertising to do the following: reach a competitor’s customer base, fence geographical area, target past customers through a company-provided database.

18.    Futran Solutions

Futran Solutions, a leading digital marketing agency located in New Jersey that offers a full range of digital marketing solutions to their clients. As a full-service digital agency, Futran Solutions develops highly effective online marketing solutions for a brand’s business needs. They put high value in tailoring their strategies to the needs of their clients.

19.    Growth Hackers

Growth Hackers is a full-service digital marketing and growth hacking agency. They help businesses from all around the world grow with social media marketing, content marketing, advertising, copywriting, lead generation, conversion rate optimization, data analytics and revenue growth. The team at Growth Hackers sets a high focus on quality and success.

20.    InternetDevels

InternetDevels is a leading offshore web development studio specializing in Drupal. The agency was founded in 2007 to solve the need for professional web development services. They offer affordable full Drupal services covering everything from turn-key projects to custom modules and emergency fixes.

21.    JZMarketing Communications

JZMarketing offers a one-stop-shop all marketing needs. Their professional team based in Aruba provides services ranging from professional hosting, web development, and online marketing, to video and photography productions. They promise to uphold the highest standards for project planning and execution, and are dedicated to building the perfect website for their clients.

22.    MindSEO

Created in 2009, MindSEO is a pioneering Portuguese company specialized in digital marketing strategy and search marketing. With offices in Portugal, their main focus is search engine optimization (SEO) through consulting services and technical solutions. They work on solving strategic and accessibility problems, as well as in the collection and analysis of data to build cohesive and effective results.

23.    Moonstone Interactive

As a San Francisco bay area internet marketing firm, Moonstone Interactive has built its reputation on results. They offer responsive web design with enterprise-level quality, with an emphasis on “responsive” for rapid ROI. Moonstone Interactive is an award-winning expert for website development and search engine optimization.

24.    My Creative Mark

My Creative Mark is a digital marketing and design agency based in California and serving clients worldwide. Whether you’re a small business or a big enterprise, they understand that the path to sustainable growth and success is through strategy. They craft customized solutions for each of their clients holding their promise of “Created not Curated” to heart.

25.    Phoenix Online Media

Phoenix Online Media is a digital marketing agency based in Phoenix, Arizona, with a focus on local SEO, local social media marketing, and website design and development. They have spent over a decade in online marketing and their team is passionate about delivering wins through targeted digital marketing strategies.

26.    Proactive Online Marketing

At Proactive Online Marketing, they specialize in search engine domination, and claim to „go above and beyond” to earn business for their clients. They take pride in researching exactly what is needed for their brands’ industry, and thoroughly analyze what businesses need to consistently generate leads and sales.

27.    Rocket CRO Lab

Rocket CRO Lab is a digital marketing agency with a focus on conversion rate optimization for e-commerce projects and PPC ads. Their work is focused on discovering what really matters to their clients’ business and finding the most valuable way to generate ROI. The team at Rocket CRO Lab puts a strong focus on quality and success.

28.    Social Media Pros

Ranging from content specialists, data geeks and photographers, all the way to creative enthusiasts, the Social Media Pros team is made up of diverse individuals with a passion for results. They are a full-service social media marketing agency with the goal of generating business growth and brand transformations for their clients, through innovative campaigns.

29.    Solutions for Growth

Solutions for Growth is a digital agency that promises to have a track record of improving its clients’ organic rankings. Their strategies are meant to increase traffic to their clients’websites and a consequent increase in sales. Solutions for Growth provides thorough experience with affordable prices to get the most ROI out of their strategies.

30.    Square 2 Marketing

Square 2 Marketing is a full-service revenue growth agency designed to produce results for clients. They help their clients with strategy, tactics, analytics and technology to build revenue generation machines that produce month over month revenue growth in a scalable, predictable and repeatable way. Moreover, their Cyclonic Buyer Journey model helps clients map their prospects buyer journey to the right sales, marketing and customer service tactics.

31.    The Digital Vibes

The Digital Vibes is a growing digital marketing company that aims to provide quality services to help businesses grow in the digital space. Their services include content marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing. The Digital Vibes team is also equipped to tackle academic writing, creative design and WordPress web services.

32.    The Source Approach

The Source Approach is a top-rated Amazon and eCommerce Consultant. With over 10 years of experience helping companies thrive in the eCommerce ecosystem, they provide SEO services and strategies to position sites on the first page of Google. They have a focus on quality and success in their delivery.

33.    TMD Winnipeg

TMD Winnipeg is a marketing agency that focuses on the delivery of high quality and affordable solutions. They provide efficient digital marketing, advertising, traditional marketing and creative solutions for start-ups, small businesses and growth-oriented companies. The TMD team has the knowledge, experience and passion required to help brands connect with their customers.

34.    Transformation Marketing

Transformation Marketing is a full-service agency that specializes in online marketing. They offer essential services such as web optimization, social media management, web and graphic design, online ads, video, and more. The team at Transformation Marketing has thorough experience in navigating the ever-changing media landscape and providing successful solutions for brands.

35.    Vantoro Marketing

Vantoro Marketing is a premium digital marketing agency that aligns technology with client-specific goals in a way that’s data-driven, results-oriented, and fully customized. Any digital marketing or web design service they provide will be based on a full understanding of who the brand is targeting and what their competitors are already doing to target that same audience. They offer digital marketing services, including SEO, PPC, SMM, and content marketing.

36.    V2M2 Group, Inc.

The V2M2 Group is a comprehensive digital marketing agency that sets itself apart by developing strategies focused on the overall revenue generation of its clients. Their approach and business acumen allow them to combine all aspects of digital marketing into a cohesive, synergistic strategy aimed at increasing their clients’ bottom line.

37.    Wisitech InfoSolutions Pvt. Ltd.

At Wisitech, they guide their clients through success by creating and optimizing SEO strategies. They have been in the web solutions market for over 19 years and offer services for companies seeking to expand into the new online and mobile market space. The team at Wisitech puts a high focus on cutting-edge technology and UX/UI design to attract and increase traffic and help establish their clients’web presence.

38.    Zelen Communications

The Zelen Communications team strives to develop effective and breakthrough ideas to get brands noticed. They believe in leveraging creativity to deliver goals. The agency provides strategic thinking and thorough experience for the strategies they design and create for their clients. Their services range from SEO tactics to social media management and content optimization.

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