Oct 16

An Amazon Entrepreneur

Great Neck resident Liran Hirschkorn has become one of Amazon’s most impressive sellers.

Great Neck resident Liran Hirschkorn has undergone the impressive transformation of working in financial services with a hobby for Internet marketing to becoming one of Amazon’s most impressive sellers.

After seeing an ad on Facebook for learning about ecommerce, Hirschkorn was able to pick up on the ins and outs of the online market before he decided to move his businesses to Amazon. Having trained and learned the technique for creating a successful online business, Hirschkorn now runs ecommerce training courses and records weekly podcasts on top of his already busy schedule running two companies, Emolly and Royal Decanters.

Onesie company Emolly, the first business Hirschkorn has run through Amazon, brings in a seven-figure paycheck each year.

The onesie company Emolly, the first business Hirschkorn has run through Amazon, has been indisputably successful. Bringing in a seven-figure paycheck each year, Emolly is a perfect model of what someone can accomplish in ecommerce.

“The company actually started while I was working on some other ecommerce businesses,” said Hirschkorn. “I had college students working with me and they told me how onesies are super popular for college kids to wear in their dorms. That gave me the idea to go ahead with this business, because I knew there was a target consumer waiting.”

To bring this idea to life, Hirschkorn outsourced the production to a company overseas, which is a tactic many online retailers use to maximize profits. Working with Amazon, he was able to deliver his products to the company’s warehouse, where they were shipped directly to customers.

Liran Hirschkorn’s second Amazon business, Royal Decanters, sells whiskey decanters.

According to Hirschkorn, figuring out and creating a product that will sell is not too difficult. When he started his second business on Amazon, selling whiskey decanters, he had minimal knowledge about the product. By knowing the Amazon market and understanding the strategy to finding what products to sell, Hirschkorn was able to put his own creative twist on an already adequate market and create another successful business. Patenting his unique design, he was able to close in on this market by having a product no one else could recreate.

Being able to navigate and under­stand Amazon’s platform is key to having monetary success on the website. Hirschkorn emphasized the importance of educating yourself in ecommerce to succeed and grow in the business.

“Amazon provides so much data and it’s really up to you as a seller to take advantage of it and use it to your benefit,” explained Hirschkorn. “You can see reviews directly from customers, what products are already out there, and what’s doing well. Doing research is vital to figuring out the market and making your business successful.”

While providing its retailers with an abundance of information and opportunity to advance their businesses, Amazon has created a market people can browse through in the comfort of their own homes. In fact, Amazon has become one of the world’s largest companies and is on its way to becoming the second trillion-dollar company.

Unsurprisingly, the online retailer’s primary concern lies with its customers, and its rules and regulations revolve around the customer.

The cons are few when selling on Amazon, however, and in Hirschkorn’s experience the company’s rules and the Amazon competitors are a small price to pay for the potential millions of people who view and buy your products.

Working through such a large company that captures a huge portion of online sales, Hirschkorn was able to transform his ideas into a career with benefits that are unheard of in other areas of retail. With this unconventional job, every day looks different. Having the ability to work from home, Hirschkorn is able to spend time with his family and prioritize his daily tasks to suit his lifestyle.

With a seemingly bountiful future market, online sellers have a rewarding career path in which creativity and knowledge of the business is key. People like Hirschkorn, who have a head start in what looks like the future of retail, are able to be their own boss, work their own schedule and are unlimited in the ability to advance in their career. With this perfect example on the peninsula, the future of online retail looks unquestionably bright.

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Oct 15

PTC ThingWorx powering Etisalat’s Fashion and Grocery stores of the future at GITEX Technology Week

Dubai World Trade Center, October 14-18, Stand Z-A10

PTC ThingWorx to connect data from over 12 retail technology partners.

Farnborough, UK – October 15, 2018 – PTC (NASDAQ: PTC), provider of the ThingWorx® Industrial Innovation platform and a global leader in Industrial Augmented Reality, today announced participation with partner Etisalat at GITEX Technology Week Dubai. GITEX, the largest regional IT exhibition, defines the latest trends and features product innovation from across the world. PTC and Etisalat will introduce two exciting new food and retail shopping experiences to demonstrate how physical shopping is being propelled into the digital age:

Themed Grocery Shopping Concierge: This experience uses the latest in robotic shopping technology. A virtual shopping concierge named Giovanni accompanies attendees on a grocery shopping trip to Tuscany. When Giovanni suggests an item to purchase, the nutritional information is projected on a display for the customer to consider. When an item is selected, it is checked off the shopper’s list and the cart value is calculated automatically.

Smart Dressing Room: This experience uses the latest in Smart Mirror technology. Items taken into a dressing room are immediately identified. The mirror overlays a themed video which relates to the style of the clothes and a tablet displays in-depth information about the products such as price, available sizes and alternative colours. The shopper can also order suggested accessories, which are brought to the dressing room by a robot. The checkout process is carried out directly with the mirror.

Alberto Araque, Vice President, Internet of Things Digital Payment said: “This year, we have new autonomous retail solutions showcased for the first time globally. We, at Etisalat Digital, are pleased to be partnering with PTC ThingWorx to highlight some of the unprecedented retail experiences during GITEX Technology Week. We have joined forces with over 12 technology partners, including PTC ThingWorx, to our capabilities to connect data and gain practical learnings that we can share with our customers and the retail community.”

“Retailers can leverage analytics to optimize inventory levels and understand customer traffic to enable them to optimize product assortments based on customer profiles and personas,” said Darren Glenister VP Innovation for PTC. “Additionally, ThingWorx enables retailers to improve the in-store experience by understanding traffic patterns to optimize store layout and better predict in store staffing needs. Centrally, ThingWorx enables users to monitor the health and status of the devices in the store.”

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About Etisalat

‘Etisalat Digital’ is a business unit of Etisalat helping to drive digital transformation by enabling enterprises and governments become smarter through the use of the latest technologies. The unit focuses on providing digital solutions in various domains including cloud, cyber security, digital marketing, mobile commerce, Internet of Things (IoT) and big data and analytics. Etisalat Digital has the best industry digital experts, solutions architects, project managers and digital engineers as well as key digital assets and platforms including datacenters, cloud platforms, big data and analytics engines, digital and mobile payments platforms, security operations centers, Internet of Things Platforms and command and control centers.


PTC helps companies around the world reinvent the way they design, manufacture, operate, and service products in and for a smart, connected world. In 1986 we revolutionized digital 3D design, and in 1998 were first to market with Internet-based product lifecycle management. Today, our leading industrial innovation platform and field-proven solutions enable you to unlock value at the convergence of the physical and digital worlds. With PTC, manufacturers and an ecosystem of partners and developers can capitalize on the promise of the Internet of Things and augmented reality technology today and drive the future of innovation.

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PTC, ThingWorx, and the PTC logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of PTC Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.

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Oct 14

Getting Your Product On The Shelves Of Big Box Retailers

Having the option of taking a liquid pill is one innovation the food industry needs.Buiced

Ray Doustdar is the creator and CEO of Buiced, a liquid multi-vitamin with a 98% absorption rate compared to 10-20% you get from taking pills.  The idea for Buiced started with the decision for a new health journey.  After being frustrated with crushing up vitamin pills that would make him nauseous, Doustdar decided it was time to  do something different and he would have to create it. Buiced has no caffeine, no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.  There are four vitamins in every shot of Buiced- B, C, E, and D.  You can now find Buiced nationwide at Walmart. 

Doustdar is no stranger to entrepreneurship.  He launched a dating site called Team Dating in 2006.   Lacking knowledge at the time on having a product in the internet space, the company lasted only a few years.  That didn’t stop Doustdar from learning new skills in preparation for his next venture. Doustdar shared his most valuable tips for any entrepreneur looking to launch a new business.    

“When you launch a business, you have to have the pedigree and the skill set. Then connect the dots.  Connect the dots from your past. Really put to use that knowledge base that’s sitting there to launch what it is that you’re passionate about.”

Joresa Blount:  What was your career before becoming founder of Buiced?

Ray Doustdar: My entire pedigree of a career totally prepared me for this opportunity without knowing it. I started my career at Proctor Gamble and that’s one of the best, if not the best, packaged goods and consumer product companies out there.  So, I really started with an unbelievably solid foundation when it comes to building a brand and building a consumer brand. I was there for 5 years. I can honestly say without that foundation there’s no way I would have been able to launch my own consumer product brand 15 years later.   

What I would like to tell a younger person or maybe someone who wants to be an entrepreneur is that you have to have a skill set.  Figure out a way to leverage the skill set into your passion. For me, the initial skills I learned were brand management, sales and marketing for a consumer product.  I can’t tell you how much I fall back on everything I learned at Proctor.

“Asking questions is invaluable.  It really allows you how to figure out what you don’t know.”

Joresa: What was the first step you took to go from idea to launching?

Ray: After a week of crushing up pills on my counter and dissolving them in water or putting them into my fresh vegetable juice, I felt so great. The pill form of vitamins was making me nauseous and sick.  I thought there has to something out there I can take in liquid form. There wasn’t. I started researching other brands and decided I could do make it myself. I started researching SK energy shots.  I was able to figure out who he [50 Cent] went to see when it comes to beverage energy consultants. I took it to contract stage, and that became my roadmap.  These guys wanted $25k to get to a prototype stage. I thought, they are basically telling me what I need to do.  So I thought, okay Ray let’s see how smart you really are in figuring this out. I literally took that contract and divided it up into steps.  I did one step at a time over the course of 15 months. In 15 months, I was able to create Buiced.

“Keep things manageable, controllable and local.”

Joresa:  What’s your advice on finding a manufacturer?

Ray: When you launch a business, the closer to home you can keep everything the better. I can get in my car and drive to the bottle manufacturer.  

Joresa:  What advice would you give an entrepreneur wanting to enter into the food industry?  

Ray:  The traditional advice is to say you have to have passion for what you are doing.  I realized passion is kind of a given. If you don’t have passion for creating something and putting everything on the line there’s small chance you’ll succeed. It takes more than passion.  You must be relentless. That  means going to the next door when a door gets closed in your face or sacrificing Thursday night happy hour, and lounging on the weekend because you want to put in the work.  Be relentless about getting your vision into fruition.  Make sure you are ready to put in the work.


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Oct 13

The Key Benefits of Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

Life can be very tough for the owners of small and startup business, as we now live in an extremely competitive world. This can make it difficult for startups and fledgling businesses to compete with their larger counterparts. However, one thing that has played a part in making the task far easier for small businesses is digital technology. In today’s digital era, internet technology has enriched our lived in many ways, and this includes making the lives of business marketers far easier.

We all know that people go online for many different reasons these days, whether it is to do some shopping, enjoy some entertainment, or use tools like reverse phone lookup services. With this in mind, it is clear that online marketing is going to be one of the most beneficial marketing solutions, particularly for smaller businesses with limited budgets. Whether you run a fashion retail business, an online travel business, or any other type of business, online marketing could be the answer to your marketing prayers.

Why Online Marketing is the Key for Smaller Business

So, why is online marketing so important for smaller businesses? Well, the first thing to consider is the fact that smaller and startup businesses have a far smaller marketing budget than the big corporations. This makes it difficult for them to invest in marketing methods like TV and radio advertising or print media, as these types of marketing can be very costly. When you opt for online marketing, you can benefit from a very lost cost solution that will not eat into your marketing budget, but will still enable you to market your brand and goods effectively.

Another thing to consider is the lack of resources that startup and small businesses often have to contend with. When you are working alone or only have one or two staff members, it can be very difficult to have someone that is dedicated to marketing. At the same time, marketing is a hugely important part of developing your business. With online marketing, you don’t have to have someone working full time on marketing tasks; itis a very speedy and efficient means of spreading the word about your business, your brand, and your products.

Finally, one of the things that smaller business struggle with is reaching their target audience. This is something that can be very difficult when you are just starting out. However, online marketing methods like social media marketing can make a huge difference. This will make it easier for you to reach your target audience not just on a local or national level but also across the globe. So, if you want to take your business global and market yourself internationally, this is the way to go about it.

As you can see, digital marketing offers many great benefits for smaller business but it is also highly valued by larger businesses and corporations. In terms of marketing, it has helped to put smaller businesses on a more level footing with their larger counterparts.


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Oct 12

Trick or Treat: 5 Content Giveaway Ideas for Increased Lead Form Submissions from Internet Marketing Agency fishbat

LONG ISLAND, N.Y., Oct. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — In order to help companies continue to grow their influence, internet marketing agency fishbat shares 5 content giveaway ideas for increased lead form submissions.

Building a large email list is a crucial part of keeping marketing low-cost while still seeing great returns. Once a company has an established user base that has opted into receiving emails, it’s much easier to increase sales through regular customer outreach.

Here are 5 content giveaway ideas that have great potential for increasing lead form submissions.

eBooks. If the company is an authority in the industry, putting that knowledge to use through the creation of a free eBook can be a valuable way to both spread knowledge of the company’s services and expertise, as well as to get more people to sign up for an email list. Simply lock the eBook access behind an email sign up and make the content engaging enough to incentivize giving out that information. It may take an investment of time and resources, but the payoffs in lead form submissions is more than worth the effort.

PDF Guides. While eBooks are a fantastic way to provide useful information to customers and is a great incentive to get them to provide the company with email information, they are often quite expensive and time consuming to produce. A PDF guide is a slightly more manageable investment for many companies, and accomplishes the same goal of providing value and incentivizing sign ups.

Create a Video Guide. The world of digital marketing is increasingly moving towards visual content, and an excellent way to engage consumers and incentivize further engagement with the company is through an engaging video that explains the benefits of a product. Through an expertly-crafted video, businesses can advertise a product while building out an email list through a well-placed sign up link.

Infographics. Another form of visual content that is usually much less expensive to produce is an informative infographic. By providing value to the user up front and either further explaining the benefits of the company’s product or providing a solution to their problems, a business can entice customers to sign up for an email list and receive continuing information.

Blog Regularly. Updating blog content on the website is a great way to keep a website ranking well in search engine results, but it’s also a great way to continually build upon the value that the company can offer to consumers. Providing engaging and informative content with a link for email signups at the end of the article is a great way to flesh out the company’s list. Combining the blog format with evergreen content is also an incredibly cost-effective way to continue getting email signups far into the future.


fishbat is a full-service digital marketing firm that takes a holistic business approach to their clients’ digital marketing programs. The fishbat team understands the importance of business principles just as well as the nuances of the latest digital technologies. fishbat offers every digital marketing service available from digital marketing research and planning to brand development to website and asset creation through social media management and search engine optimization programs – all custom calibrated for both B2B and B2C businesses. Media Contact: Scott Darrohn, fishbat Media, 855-347-4228, press@fishbat.com

SOURCE fishbat

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Oct 11

Demandforce and iMatrix Announce Partnership, Create New Web Presence Product Bundles For Practice-Based …

LOS ANGELES, Oct.10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Demandforce and iMatrix, two leading providers of online marketing solutions for optometrists, chiropractors and veterinarians, today announced a partnership that combines offerings from each brand into new product bundles, enabling practices to efficiently create, build, and maintain their online presences in one place.

The new product bundles combine powerful marketing automation and communication software from Demandforce with professional, mobile-responsive websites from iMatrix.

In addition to increasing efficiency by consolidating online marketing and website administration tools, the Demandforce/iMatrix product bundles provide practices with features including:

  • A customized, mobile-responsive website designed to boost search engine rankings and provide valuable content to practices’ current and prospective clients.
  • Review management tools that enable practices to take control of their online narrative by monitoring popular review and social media websites.
  • Easy maintenance of business listings across multiple third-party websites.
  • Communication tools designed to regularly engage with clients via text, phone, and email to help practices nurture grow their business.
  • A simple dashboard to manage all tools in one place

The new Demandforce/iMatrix product bundles are available to optometrists, chiropractors and veterinarians immediately.

About The Companies

Based in San Francisco, Demandforce®  offers cloud-based software that allows businesses to connect more efficiently with clients by optimizing how they market and communicate. The company’s communication, reputation, and networking tools form a powerful web-based application that seamlessly integrates with client workflow systems.

Since 2002, iMatrix™ has cut through online marketing clutter by providing solutions that are precisely tailored to specific areas of practice, strategically focusing on niche markets such as the chiropractic, veterinary, and eye care industries. This allows the company to properly address the needs and concerns of businesses in these fields and for its clients to reap the benefits of its signature tailored approach.

Both Demandforce and iMatrix are divisions of Internet Brands®.

SOURCE Demandforce; iMatrix

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Oct 10

4 Tips for Successful Content Marketing

Image credit: happydancing/Shutterstock

You can’t afford not to have an online presence for your business. One of the best ways to market your business online is to create strong content that people enjoy reading.

Whether you own a startup or a business of any other size, actively marketing your business should be one of your highest priorities. The goal, of course, is to let as many people know about your products and services as possible.

In this digital age, online marketing has outperformed traditional marketing. If your business does not have a solid online presence, you’re leaving a fair share of potential profit on the table.

As important as digital marketing is for your business, the process is far from easy. To stay ahead of your competitors in the digital world, you must invest both time and effort to see any remarkable growth in your website and your online presence.  

One of the proven ways to establish and boost your online presence is by investing in digital content marketing. Just like any other discipline in online marketing, content marketing requires careful planning and execution. But when done right, content marketing can have a higher ROI than any other form of internet marketing. Here’s how to do it in a nutshell.

1. Find your keywords. 

Start by researching keywords that are relevant to your products and services. Then create valuable and insightful content around those keywords that your audience will love to read.

Make sure not to stuff the keywords. Just sprinkle them naturally throughout your content. Remember that, with keywords, it’s never about quantity but the way you incorporate them into your content.

2. Go for sustainable content.

When publishing an article on your site, it is recommended that the content be evergreen. Create quality content delivering both relevance and value, ensuring that the content remains relevant regardless of the time it was published.

For example, if you post an article explaining what is happening in your business right now, it might not be relevant two or three weeks from now. It is best to publish educational articles, offering tips that readers will find useful for a considerable time into the future.

3. Focus on quality.

Quality entails both value and relevance. You have to ensure that search engines see your content as valuable and meaningful. Google considers the time people spend on your site to determine whether it is worth ranking high or not. If you post useful and fun-to-read content, visitors are likely to read to the end. What’s more, they may even share it and leave positive comments. That is a huge plus point for you.

4. Professionals can do it for you.

You probably have some level of appreciation for content marketing by now. But if you happen to be a busy professional who absolutely can’t manage the time and efforts required for content marketing, no problem. You can always choose to work with a professional, full-service SEO company. From keyword research to content mapping to managing the blog, the company will take care of everything for you. Just tell them your needs and business goals, and you can rest assured that industry professionals who know how to optimize content are working for you.

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Oct 09

What are the world’s most valuable brands? Tech companies like Apple, Google and Amazon

Brands seem to be part of all aspects of life. Celebrating uniqueness — a core element of any brand — is a greater part of the American experience than ever before, and this has extended to the newest major space for brand development: the internet. Corporations recognize the rising importance of developing a powerful online identity in the era of 24/7 access through computers and smartphones. Successful ones use social media, advertising, and digital marketing effectively to solidify their names and products in the minds of consumers.

It can be hard to precisely measure the full value of a high-quality brand, but they are essential to a successful global corporation. Enormous amounts of time and energy are devoted to brand image by businesses around the world not just digitally but through all available channels.

24/7 Wall Street reviewed Interbrand’s report, Best Global Brands 2018, in which the brand consultant group, a subsidiary of advertising conglomerate Omnicom, evaluates global brands based on a range of factors, including: how well a brand is known, how well it is regarded, and how much it contributes to the parent company’s financial success.

The world’s most valuable brands are the faces of corporate giants with hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue. Such logos include the McDonald’s arches, the Apple apple icon, the Amazon “A” and, of course, the iconic landing pages of companies that have become in some ways synonymous with the internet itself — Google and Facebook. All of these brands are daily sightings and experiences for countless people around the world.

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The value and visibility of a brand generally track with a company’s long-term financial performance (to be considered by Interbrand, companies needed to be profitable). But the two measurements are not the same, nor are companies and brands interchangeable terms. The parent companies of Google and Coca-Cola, for example, each own dozens of other brands not necessarily included in Interbrand’s assessment.

24/7 Wall Street listed the 25 most valuable global corporate brands, based on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2018 report. Brand valuation figures are calculated by Interbrand. Corporate annual revenue figures are from the most recent available annual report of the brand’s parent company. Average company salary figures are based on averages from Payscale, a compensation data company. Share price changes are based on the five-year percent change, as obtained from Yahoo Finance. In the case of foreign companies, stock performance or average pay was based on American divisions of these companies, whenever possible.

25. Zara

• Brand value: $17.71 billion
• Annual revenue: $29.12 billion
• Average company salary: $44,000
• 5-year stock price change: N/A

The value of Zara’s apparel brand dropped 5 percent in Interbrand’s ranking to $17.7 billion.

24. American Express

• Brand value: $19.14 billion
• Annual revenue: $27.03 billion
• Average company salary: $86,000
• 5-year stock price change: +44.99 percent

The only financial services company on this list, the American Express brand is worth about $19.1 billion — up 8 percent from last year’s Interbrand ranking.

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23. Chanel

• Brand value: $20.00 billion
• Annual revenue: $9.6 billion
• Average company salary: $77,000
• 5-year stock price change: N/A

Juggernaut corporations like Google and Amazon continue to set the tone for the entire brand landscape, making competing for the attention of consumers all the more difficult. Chanel is perhaps an exception — it is the only brand that has never appeared before on Interbrand’s top brands list.

22. Pepsi

• Brand value: $20.80 billion
• Annual revenue: $63.53 billion
• Average company salary: $73,000
• 5-year stock price change: +33.85 percent

As is the case in many sectors, a few companies dominate the beverage business in the United States. Pepsi and Coca-Cola continue to be the nation’s soda giants. However, while Pepsi’s brand is valued far lower than Coca-Cola’s, its annual revenue of $63.5 billion in fiscal 2017 far exceeds Coca-Cola’s $35.4 billion revenue.

21. SAP

• Brand value: $22.89 billion
• Annual revenue: $28.2 billion
• Average company salary: $97,000
• 5-year stock price change: +82.66 percent

Subscription-based service companies have in recent years outpaced other business categories in brand value. Technology company SAP is one such company, providing security software and other services to its clients.

20. Honda

• Brand value: $23.68 billion
• Annual revenue: $135.04 billion
• Average company salary: $69,000
• 5-year stock price change: -24.15 percent

After companies in the technology sector, automotive companies appear most frequently among the 25 most valuable brands. Honda had revenue of $135.0 billion in its fiscal 2017, making it one of the world’s biggest companies in any industry.

19. Oracle

• Brand value: $26.13 billion
• Annual revenue: $39.83 billion
• Average company salary: $94,000
• 5-year stock price change: +49.74 percent

Oracle’s brand value dropped 5 percent to $26.1 billion in Interbrand’s latest ranking, but the technology company remains among the most valuable brands in the world.

18. Louis Vuitton

• Brand value: $28.15 billion
• Annual revenue: $49.02 billion
• Average company salary: $75,000
• 5-year stock price change: +94.21 percent

The value of the Louis Vuitton brand shot up 23 percent last year, one of the more impressive increases in Interbrand’s analysis.

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17. Nike

• Brand value: $30.12 billion
• Annual revenue: $34.35 billion
• Average company salary: $85,000
• 5-year stock price change: +124.09 percent

A significant portion of Nike’s brand value spike of 11 percent can be attributed to the launch of its controversial Colin Kaepernick advertising campaign. According to Interbrand, this single event translated to a rise in Nike’s stock market value of $6 billion.

16. GE

• Brand value: $32.76 billion
• Annual revenue: $122.09 billion
• Average company salary: $92,000
• 5-year stock price change: -45.70 percent

With annual revenue of $122.1 billion, GE is one of the world’s largest corporations. While its brand also remains one of the world’s most valuable, Interbrand lowered it by 26 percent from 2017 — one of the largest brand value drops.

15. Cisco

• Brand value: $34.58 billion
• Annual revenue: $48.00 billion
• Average company salary: $104,000
• 5-year stock price change: +112.03 percent

Cisco Systems is among the well-represented technology brands on this list. Founded in 1984, the computer networking company is also one of the older technology firms.

14. Disney

• Brand value: $39.87 billion
• Annual revenue: $55.14 billion
• Average company salary: $80,000
• 5-year stock price change: +76.36 percent

Disney is one of the nation’s most beloved and well-recognized companies, with its brand introduced to many Americans in the early years of childhood. With its brand value down 2 percent and with subscription streaming services like Netflix on the rise, Disney may have serious brand competition in coming years.

13. BMW

• Brand value: $41.00 billion
• Annual revenue: $113.46 billion
• Average company salary: $89,000
• 5-year stock price change: N/A

BMW’s revenue of $113.5 billion makes it one of the world’s largest companies. Its brand is also among the most valuable, worth approximately $41.0 billion.

12. IBM

• Brand value: $42.97 billion
• Annual revenue: $79.14 billion
• Average company salary: $93,000
• 5-year stock price change: -19.56 percent

The value of a brand might be expected to rise with its visibility. Such logos as McDonald’s arches, Apple’s apple icon, and Amazon’s “A” are seen daily by millions of people. IBM is perhaps less common in this regard. It has focused heavily on innovation in recent decades, and received over 9,000 patents in 2017, more than any other U.S. company. In fact, IBM has been a patent leader for the last 25 years.

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11. Intel

• Brand value: $43.29 billion
• Annual revenue: $62.76 billion
• Average company salary: $97,000
• 5-year stock price change: +108.44 percent

Intel is best known as a manufacturer of processors and semiconductors for use in personal computers and business operations. The company continues to thrive as the world becomes increasingly technologically dependent. Intel’s annual profits have averaged around $10 billion per year in each of the last three years.

10. McDonald’s

• Brand value: $43.42 billion
• Annual revenue: $22.82 billion
• Average company salary: $52,000
• 5-year stock price change: +75.96 percent

McDonald’s has maintained its dominance as the world’s most popular fast food chain for decades. While it has fine-tuned its menu to adjust for changing tastes, including adding salads and other healthier foods, as well as a popular line of coffee, the company’s success comes from its brand recognition and the popularity of the same items it has had on its menu for years. McDonald’s employs over 230,000 people worldwide.

9. Facebook

• Brand value: $45.17 billion
• Annual revenue: $40.65 billion
• Average company salary: $117,000
• 5-year stock price change: +213.11 percent (Since IPO)

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is used all over the world. At last count, the company had over 2.2 billion users, or about 30 percent of the world’s population. Facebook has continued to ensure its success by purchasing social media and messaging companies like WhatsApp and Instagram.

8. Mercedes-Benz

• Brand value: $48.60 billion
• Annual revenue: $188.89 billion
• Average company salary: $71,000.
• 5-year stock price change: -4.22 percent

The Mercedes-Benz brand has been around for over 90 years, but the company’s history goes back even further, to the earliest days of the automobile. Today, the German company is one of the most prestigious names in luxury automobiles, selling over 300,000 cars in the U.S. in 2017.

7. Toyota

• Brand value: $53.40 billion
• Annual revenue: $258.24 billion
• Average company salary: $92,000
• 5-year stock price change: -4.4 percent

Toyota is one of the largest and most successful automakers in the world, selling over 10 million vehicles each year. In the United States, the Japanese company has been able to rely on the popularity of long-running brands like the Camry and the Corolla.

6. Samsung

• Brand value: $59.89 billion
• Annual revenue: $211.40 billion
• Average company salary: $92,000
• 5-year stock price change: N/A

After Apple introduced its iPhone back in 2007, it appeared the company would come to completely dominate the phone market. But Korean company Samsung pushed back, and thanks to the success of products like the Galaxy phones, Samsung is actually now the global leader in smartphone sales as of the first quarter of 2018.

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5. Coca-Cola

• Brand value: $66.34 billion
• Annual revenue: $35.41 billion
• Average company salary: $75,000
• 5-year stock price change: +23.4 percent

Coca-Cola is today one of the most popular beverages on the planet. According to its latest annual report, of the 60 billion servings of beverages consumed worldwide every day, Coca-Cola-owned brands accounted for about 2 billion. 

4. Microsoft

• Brand value: $92.72 billion
• Annual revenue: $89.95 billion
• Average company salary: $117,000
• 5-year stock price change: +227.6 percent

U.S. giants dominate every corner of the tech sector, and each still has its niche. While Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon are the respective leaders in phones, search, social, and retail, Microsoft is the leader in software. The company, founded in 1975, is visible worldwide through its MSN brand and Windows operating system. Some estimates put the number of PCs with Windows at over 1 billion.

3. Amazon

• Brand value: $100.76 billion
• Annual revenue: $177.87 billion
• Average company salary: $100,000
• 5-year stock price change: +486.0 percent

Amazon is one of the world’s most valuable brands and also this year’s fastest growing, with brand value growth of 56 percent. According to Interbrand, in an increasingly service-driven economy, the top-performing brands continue to be those offering the best access to products and services. No company has adopted this approach more successfully or widely than Amazon.

2. Google

• Brand value: $155.50 billion
• Annual revenue: $110.86 billion
• Average company salary: $113,000
• 5-year stock price change: +128.6 percent

While Google trails Apple in brand value, the tech giant’s reach and impact on society is unrivaled. With little resistance from regulators, Google has over the years approached monopoly status in multiple markets. The world’s biggest video platform, YouTube, the world’s most widely adopted smartphone software, Android, and one of the world’s largest distributors of advertising, DoubleClick, are all owned by Google — to name just a few.

1. Apple

• Brand value: $214.48 billion
• Annual revenue: $229.23 billion
• Average company salary: $121,000
• 5-year stock price change: +225.6 percent

In this year’s Interbrand ranking, Apple is far and away the leader, with brand value of $214.48 billion. Multiple brands have thrived in recent years by offering more luxury products. Apple, which is able to price its phones at nearly $1,000 and still sell millions every month, continues to dominate the premium end of the smartphone and technology markets.

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