Apr 28

Maximize Your AdWords Results Even If You Are A Beginner

Generating targeted traffic for a website is highly important, and there isn’t a blogger or webmaster who isn’t aware of this fact. You clearly aren’t making any progress if your site isn’t receiving relevant visitors. The Internet is filled with many different opportunities when it comes down to traffic generation, which includes both free and paid methods, pay per click marketing being amongst them. Google AdWords has a strong position in the PPC market and, in fact, holds the largest market share despite the fact that it has large competitors like Microsoft. So if you’re planning to get into AdWords to get traffic to your own site, then this article is for you.

Your AdWords campaign will be seriously affected in terms of its success by the types of keywords you choose. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled into using broad keywords that are highly appealing because they might be able to offer you a lot of visitors.

While you’re focusing your attention on including the right keywords in your ad copy, it’s also necessary to make sure your copy is appealing to your prospects.

You should write the copy keeping in mind what your prospects are actually looking for, and answer their ‘what’s in it for me’ questions by including the benefits in the copy. No matter how great your keywords are, there’s nothing they can do if your ad’s copy isn’t persuasive.

Lots of people make mistakes in their spelling when entering a keyword into the search engine box. Since others won’t be interested in terms that have been spelled wrong, you should bid on these keywords. It makes sense to target misspelled keywords because they tend to get a lot of targeted traffic, and it will help you get cheaper clicks for your campaign. The keywords, though, need to be targeted and relevant.

An important piece of advice is to let go of your fear of failure as it’s the only way to succeed with Google AdWords. That’s right; as long as you’re going to fear failure and loss, you won’t be able to take calculated risks. The key phrase here is calculated risk, and not putting all your money at stake and taking a gamble. You will be highly successful, though, if your AdWords ads have a good foundation and you spend time tweaking, testing and improving them.

Simon Ellis is a part time web designer and also takes part in youth golf instruction and golf lessons for youths at The National Golf Academy.

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