Oct 21

Ipod Touch 4g

The new iPod touch 4g has undergone vast improvements on previous models, and the results really show. There are a lot of great improvements Apple have added which make the new iPod touch even more brilliant than before.

The Display – The display for the iPod touch 4g is simply amazing. One look and you can really see the amazing 326 pixels per inch runs rings around the display of the previous iPod models. Look as hard as you like, you can’t even distinguish individual pixels they are so small. This gives an overall smooth and sharp look to the display.

The Body – The iPod touch 4g has a new look design. Apple has managed to make the iPod thinner and lighter than the 3g model, and I must say it does feel great in your hand. Boasting a tiny 7.2 mm of thickness, this genius engineered glass front and steel back device feels amazing to hold in the palm of your hand.

Camera’s, Finally! – I don’t think I speak for myself when I say it’s about time the iPod touch got a camera, and Apple have been generous and thrown two camera’s into one device. Shooting HD 720p video’s from the back camera, and running apps like FaceTime from the front camera, Apple has definitely got it right adding these two camera’s to the iPod touch 4g.

Faster Processing – The brain of the iPod touch is Apple’s A4 chip. Increasing speed and response without guzzling your battery, this makes running apps, web browsing, FaceTime, shooting and editing video’s and much more smooth and efficient with plenty of battery life to spare.

Game Center – Okay, although you do not need an iPod touch 4g to use game center, simply running the new 4.1 firmware will allow you to use Game Center on iDevices seeing as it was introduced at the same time as the ipod touch 4g, it is worth mentioning. Basically the Game Center brings a new level of social gaming to your device. You can add friends into your game, see what they have been playing and browse for your friends in Game Center and invite them to become a part of your gamin, pretty cool to be sitting in the living room comparing scores and achievements with your friends. Commence the bragging.

Overall I think the iPod touch 4g is a brilliant step up from previous models and Apple have scored some big points in my books. Everything from the physical look and feel, to the extremely sharp and brilliant display, to the multiple camera’s and enhanced speed and response makes this amazing device so much more fun.

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