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7 side hustles for boomers and millennials – WXIA

For baby boomers, parent-preneurs and millennials alike, the prospect of a side hustle is a tempting one. The appeal is easy to see. Side hustles are an easy, effective means to realize a range of goals, be it earning some extra cash or plunging into a long-deferred dream career.

In the United States today, millennials are the most likely to have side gigs, and not always for economic reasons. Many also use side hustles to both find fulfillment and exercise their creativity. One millennial even calls freelance writing “a hedge against feeling stuck and dull and cheated by life.

”It’s much the same for retirees. Side hustles are an opportunity for retirees to reinvent themselves, and along the way, build and maintain an active social life. Recent studies show that working longer can yield many unexpected benefits, such as having a daily schedule, a sense of purpose, social interaction and even strengthening one’s mental and cognitive abilities.

Side hustles are also ideal for parent-preneurs — who, as the name suggests — must juggle parenthood with their entrepreneurial journey. Side hustles allow parent-preneurs to earn a living at their own pace without sacrificing time with their children. With a side hustle, parent-preneurs can have it all.

Let’s look at the 7 best side hustles for everyone.

Graphic Designer

As advertising adjusts to the unique challenges of the internet, content marketing — where businesses advertise through articles, videos and graphics — has become a growth industry. Today, graphic design work has never been easier to find. There is a multitude of platforms for aspiring freelancers, including basic operations such as Fiverr to more professional forums like 99designs. Bear in mind that the sites offering high-paying, reliable clients often vet freelancers carefully. So, if you want to be a freelance designer, make sure you have a strong online portfolio.


If you love your career but want more flexibility and choice, consulting is a win-win situation. An organization can benefit from your hard-won expertise, and you can work in a familiar, comfortable environment — without the stresses of a full-time position.

You can also set both your hours and your role. Depending on your preferences, you can log work on a contract or part-time position, or create something in-between. You also have a say in your responsibilities, such as choosing to work as a troubleshooter or perhaps addressing large, systemic problems. For this reason, parent-preneurs should find consulting an ideal role which offers considerable autonomy and adaptability — a godsend given the unpredictability of life with children.


Freelance content writers have seen similar growth, be it blogging or writing internet ad copy. Because content marketing has grown so quickly, there is rarely a shortage of potential clients, who can range from travel agencies to trucking companies. Even if you’ve never worked as a professional journalist, writing is a skill which can be improved upon with practice.

Best of all, writers don’t need specialized software, just a computer, a personal website with a portfolio and a reliable internet connection.

Pet-sitter and Dog Walker

If you love animals, pet-sitting offers the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the company of friendly animals without having to take care of them over their lifetimes. One New York-based pet-sitter earned $8,000 over two months. Not bad for spending time with furry friends!

Home sharing

If you’re a snowbird who only lives in one place for a few months a year or an empty-nester with spare rooms, consider renting out your home. If you have safety concerns, using reputable home sharing platforms will allow you to approve potential guests. High-end services go one step further, carefully vetting both hosts and guests and restricting their base to a narrow group of people.

Make and Sell Products Online

The rise of online marketplaces has enabled a host of artsy upstarts to host their own stores and reach customers.

The strengths of these internet markets are their reach and accessibility. As a creator, you no longer need to choose between catering to a large retail chain (unfeasible for many creatives who require volume and certain aesthetics) or local flea markets (often limited by geography). Instead, creators can build their own niches online, allowing customers to order products from their storefronts with just a click of the mouse — all while cutting down on overhead costs.

Parent-preneurs take note: selling handmade products online isn’t just potentially lucrative — it’s also a fun experience for the family. After all, children with a passion for the arts will make willing assistants, or at the very least, eager students.


If you are fluent in another language, consider working as a translator. Online platforms, such as Rev or One Hour, offer a variety of language services from business interpreting to document translation. Depending on your employer, you could assist a company in translating a pitch proposal for foreign investors or help a doctor speak to patients.

For a parent-preneur, it could also be a good opening to introduce your children to a language.

A word to the wise…

Times are changing. The rise of the internet and the gig economy has allowed boomers, parent-preneurs and millennials alike to monetize their hobbies and make some extra cash. Whatever your age, a side hustle can serve several purposes, such as strengthening your safety net, padding your bank account, or making some new friends along the way.

Whatever side hustle you choose, make sure you stand out from your competitors! Get started by visiting GoDaddy GoCentral to build a professional website — be it a beautiful portfolio of glossy designs or a cute storefront packed with whimsical products.

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