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How To Market Responsibly To Children

Marketing your product to children can be difficult. You want to expose your branding to kids the right way, without offending parents or appearing to manipulate your audience. In short, a company that markets their products to children has to be very careful in how they balance their desire to sell with the need to maintain parental trust.

In many ways, the company selling children’s products are simultaneously marketing those products to kids and their adult parents, and these two audiences often require very different marketing strategies.

One product, two audiences

Children want to see a product that is fun and exciting. They want to see a product that engages with their imaginations. When you’re selling your products to children, present what you are selling as a natural addition to the child’s play routine. Advertising should not be threatening or scary, and it should emphasize child-friendly themes like sharing and friendship. Aesthetically, child marketing should be colorful, engaging, and lighthearted.

Parents, on the other hand, are more focused on safety and education. They want to see a product they aren’t afraid to leave their children alone with, and they prefer to see a product they believe will help educate their child in some way. When marketing to parents, it’s important to emphasize safety features and any educational dimensions of your product.

Instagram Snapchat

Just as YouTube has become the video platform of choice for kids, Instagram and Snapchat (among others) have become the social media platforms of choice for young children.

Social media is particularly effective as a marketing tool as it is interactive. Children who have grown up in the internet era have become accustomed to marketing that does more than just tell them about a product, or show off some of the product’s cool features.

Rather, modern children are more likely to engage with a brand that engages back—and that’s where social media comes in. It would be useful to develop some regular Instagram contest ideas, in which the selected child is featured as a winner and sent a prize. Power Digital Marketing’s social media department works to craft integrated social campaigns that work together to drive engagement and revenue for all types of brands, and have several case studies of successful Instagram contest campaigns.

Children, like adults, respond well to contests, and many old ideas like raffles and blind-drawings that were once popular in magazine based contests have started making a comeback on social media.

An active social media account that regularly involves kid-centered contests is one of the easiest and least expensive ways for a modern marketing group to reach children.

How to engage modern children

A research report released by children’s marketing firm Childwise suggests that modern children spend as much as 6 hours a day using internet-connected devices such as smartphones, computers, and video game consoles.

When marketing to kids, the internet is the place to be.

Advertisements targeting children are most effective when published in online spaces frequented by youngsters. One rapidly growing area for child-oriented advertising is YouTube—particularly for younger children. Many busy parents don’t have time to constantly keep up with their kids, and they will often hand their child an iPad or another device to keep them calm while they work or tend to chores around the house.

YouTube has become a popular online destination for parents looking for ways to distract their kids, and as such targeted marketing on this platform can be significantly more effective than other, more traditional, marketing mediums.

Responsibility First

Ultimately, no matter what your company sells or how you decide to market it, you should do so with the child’s safety and well-being in mind. Marketing that ensures child safety always gets a positive response from parents and a reputation as a child-friendly company can do more for product sales than a dozen online media campaigns!

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