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Kiss of Beauty pushes high-quality and affordable fast fashion beauty products

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With a rapidly evolving skincare and cosmetics market, consumers demand variety in their products. What flew off the shelves last year is no longer trendy this year. Born in the era of digital marketing and social media, Thai company Kiss of Beauty understands the consumers’ constant clamour for new commodities, and devotes itself to meeting these changing needs with high-quality and affordable beauty products.

Kiss of Beauty aims to pioneer the concept of fast fashion for beauty products. It observes trends worldwide to incorporate them in its product development. As a nimble and responsive organisation, Kiss of Beauty changes its product line-up to match its target market.

The digital native taps the online platform for two purposes: for product inspiration and for reaching a wider audience. This strategy is particularly crucial for the big markets of Southeast Asia and China.

“With the borderless nature of the internet, we were able to market our product at relatively lower costs than global brands. We were also able to expand quite quickly in the Asean region to become among the fastest-growing cosmetics companies in Thailand,” says CEO Kittipon Nampitchtanasin.

Seeking niche markets is another market expansion strategy of the company. Kiss of Beauty was among the first to introduce sleeping cream masks in Thailand five years ago. This move proves that a niche market could become mass market in the future.

The beauty company specialises in whitening skincare, which is one of the most popular product categories in Asia. Moreover, Kiss of Beauty researched and formulated its products to be compatible with Asian skin.

Aside from Malissa Kiss, the company also successfully distributes hair care lines of South Korean brands CP-1 and Daeng Gi Meo Ri in Thailand. Kiss of Beauty is open to working with other companies for co-development, distribution and other partnership opportunities.


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