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The Top 5 Freelance Jobs

As companies of all sizes continue to increase their freelance hiring, it’s easier than ever to find project-based work that fits your skill set.
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Want to build up your resume and boost your income as a freelancer? You’re not alone. More and more professionals are taking advantage of freelance work as a convenient way to do what they love. The movement towards freelancing is also a plus for companies who can’t afford full-time staff but want top talent working for them.

“We are increasingly seeing businesses adopt freelancers into a long-term strategy,” said Nikki Parker, North American regional manager at Freelancer.com. “They are recognizing that hiring a freelancer means that you get an expert in that field who can fit into your business needs.”                                                                

Based on data from Freelancer.com, here are the top five jobs for freelancers in today’s economy. [10 Things Every Freelancer Should Know]

Web development

A surprising number of small and medium-sized businesses lack a company website. With so many people browsing the Internet for products and services, businesses without an online presence often become invisible to potential customers. As business owners have realized the importance of a great website, Web development has become one of the most popular tasks to outsource to freelancers, often saving employers thousands of dollars in expensive agency fees.

Graphic design

To attract new customers and stay ahead of the competition, businesses use a score of visual elements, including business cards, brochures, logos, corporate documents, letterheads, physical products, website graphics and blog layouts. A freelance graphic designer gives businesses an on-call expert, able to complete any design task when the company needs it.

Content writing

A steady stream of high quality, enjoyable content, such as a company blog, has become a must-have for any successful business. But for non-media companies, finding the time to create all that content on top of their other tasks can pose a significant challenge. A skilled freelance writer provides a business with fresh, relevant content without the pain of writer’s block or missed deadlines.

Online marketing

For businesses to perform effective online marketing and advertising campaigns, they must constantly test and update these campaigns to ensure they are getting maximum return on their investment. To keep up with ever-changing trends, businesses are turning to freelancers to support their online marketing and advertising campaigns. Search engine optimization, Facebook advertising, Google Ad Words and email marketingare just a few of the tasks businesses hire freelance marketers to do.

Video creation

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth for a business? Companies see immense value in creating promotional or instructional videos to showcase their products or services, and it is one of the fastest growing job categories on Freelancer.com.

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