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Your Questions About Video Marketing Statistics

Steven asks…

How does an aggregator work for a website?

For example if I wanted a video aggregator, does it automatically put videos on my site or does it give me a list of videos from other sites to put on my own? How does it work. Details please. Thanks!

gyeon answers:


The DfE Family Information Directory Aggregator provided a repository of childcare and family services information, collated from local authorities through an online data feed.

The data stored within the Aggregator could then be searched by users via websites, or other digital services, that provided a searchable interface.

The open source Aggregator provides two main components:

Aggregation Interface (upload) – allowing data to be uploaded and stored in the Directory repository.
Search and Discovery Interface (including record retrieval) – allows data uploaded and stored within the Directory repository to be searched and records to be retrieved.
Data is exchanged with the Aggregator software in XML format.

Provision of data

In order to function the Aggregator requires data.

Local authorities

Local authorities (LAs) receive information on registered childcare from Ofsted. This information is downloaded into their local childcare databases and information on additional services is added, e.g. School pick ups, vacancies etc. The LA liaises with childcare providers to collect this supplementary information and obtain permission to publish it as appropriate. LAs also maintain databases of local family services. This information helps them meet their information duty under Section 12 of the Childcare Act 2006.

From September 2009 LAs integrated their local systems with the Directory, adopting the same schemas and vocabularies to enable uploads to the Aggregator. This helped established common data standards across the market.

Please note: Any organisation developing a version of the Directory will need to liaise with LAs to receive their childcare and family information data feed. LAs are not obliged to provide their data. The Directgov local authority finder can be accessed using the link on the right-hand side of this page.

Directory statistics

As of the end of March 2011 the national Directory contained almost 193,000 records of local childcare and family services provided by LAs and national family service providers. It was published on 21 websites including Directgov.

Search statistics show the Directory received around 40,000 searches a day in 2010. The five most common search terms in March 2011 were childminder, sure start, childcare, nursery, nanny.

Some user search statistics for the month of March are available at the right hand side of this page.

Maria asks…

Where can i find full Political party registration statistics?

Im just curious if theres anywhere i can
Find full political party registration statistics by race and sexual oreintation. It would be really helpful. Thanks 🙂

gyeon answers:

When will the New World Order declare Marshall Law around the World?

I think its going to happen now. Notice how they are crashing the entire market around the World.


BEIJING, Nov. 22 (Xinhuanet) — A global recession is certain to happen and China must focus on controlling risks in its financial markets, according to Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan.

Wang’s remarks are the most bearish forecast ever by a top Chinese decision-maker regarding the world economy. The Vice Premier reiterated the importance funding for micro to medium-sized companies and the agricultural sector. He warns city banks, rural credit cooperatives, and village banks against expanding blindly, and focus instead on quality control and efficiency.

Richard asks…

How many people listen/watch music videos, how often are music videos watched, and age statistics?

I am doing market research on music videos. If you do not know the answers, please direct me to a report that may.

gyeon answers:

I would some of the ads that appear on video websites. Some marketing stats are hard to find. But a demographic of music would be excellent. Great idea. Thanks,

Sandra asks…

Do YouTubers get permission to use others videos?

Do You Tubers get permission to use other people’s videos? for example the famous Ray William Johnson videos. Equals 3. When he makes fun of videos he finds online and shows clips of others. Does he get permission, or it doesn’t matter?

gyeon answers:

Hi Dave1982

It’s not that YouTube allows certain publishers, but that certain publishers sometimes allow some of their intellectual property to be used.

The default position is very simple and very clear:

It is illegal to use, in your video, anything you did not create yourself from scratch without the permission of the copyright owner. This includes music, video, photographs, graphics, sound effects, anything at all.

That’s really the bottom line. If a content owner sees a video that uses their intellectual property without authorization, they have the legal right to file a complaint against that video ordering YouTube to take it down. Please note: it is the copyright owner’s decision to take down a video, not YouTube’s. YouTube has no say in the matter: this is the law.

Under certain circumstances you can then raise the “fair use” defence, but this is tricky. There are many myths floating around about fair use, but basically, simply adding music tracks to a video and maybe making some edits to it is pretty much certainly not fair use: you are creating a “derivative work” and derivative works are expressly prohibited by copyright legislation.

That, as I say, is the default legal position. However, content owners do not have to order YouTube to take down videos. It’s entirely their business.

YouTube, though, doesn’t like having to take down videos: it’s a headache, something they can live without, and gives them a bad press. So YouTube has come up with some alternatives and has been trying to hammer out some deals with some companies. For example, YouTube gives content owners the option of monetizing infringing videos: the videos remain online but have ads slapped on them, and the claimant receives a share of the advertising revenue plus some general viewing statistics (of the sort you see in your “Insight” data), which is worth more than money to a marketing department. It’s pretty much the perfect solution: the uploader keeps the video, the record label gets paid for it, advertisers get more exposure. But it’s still up to the copyright holders whether or not they want to take advantage of the system or not: YouTube cannot force them into this agreement, as doing so would rob copyright holders of their Constitutional right to exclusive control over their intellectual property (yes, copyright law is written into the US Constitution).

There isn’t a list of companies covered by this agreement because it’s not that simple. A copyright holder can decide that video A can be monetized while video B must come down, for example. Also, the artists themselves can “veto” this agreement: Universal, for example, usually monetizes videos, but anything by Prince is a no-go area. Finally, copyright owners still retain their rights over your video and may change their mind at any time: WMG, for example, walked out of the scheme last December, forcing the takedown of many thousands of videos they’d previously monetized to the disgust and dismay of whole armies of ordinary YouTubers.

Even that doesn’t exhaust the list of difficulties. Copyright owners may need (or simply want) to block content they claim from certain countries, for legal or marketing reasons. Almost anything that’s claimed by a record label is currently blocked from Germany due to a dispute with the collecting society GEMA, Germany’s equivalent of ASCAP, over the terms of YouTube’s broadcasting licence.

If you still insist that you must post that video with exactly that music and no other, there’s only one way to do it legally, but it’s potentially very, very expensive. You will need to contact the record labels and get permission to use each and every track in your video before you upload. They may demand you pay a licence fee at a price that will most likely leave you unable to breathe for a good few minutes. If you need an excuse to mortgage your home, this could be it.

Yes, it sucks and it stinks, but this is how the world of big business actually works.

Prepared by IT/PC
Thank you very much ahead of time.

Jenny asks…

What are some additional ways to advertise an online store for health and beauty?

We’ve been advertising and marketing our online store now for 5 months. We’ve tried everything and have yet to have a single sale which sounds ridiculous! Our site does work, there’s no errors, its been tested on various computers, and various web browsers.

Heres a little bit about us and what we’ve done so far with advertising so maybe someone out there can give us advice.

We offer health, beauty, fashion and wedding products cheaper then retail, and in most cases (with coupon codes – even cheaper then amazon/ebay) Products are medium-high quality. Similar to target, forever 21, etc etc

We have great shipping deals so we’re competitive against other online shops. We have address/phone number on website, we have safety/security seals, SSL encryption, offer credit card, and paypal, and even credit card thru paypal. We’re working on getting BBB accredited.

We have 6300 Facebook fans, 4500 twitter, 830 google +, instagram, pinterest, etc. Yet, not one single person has bought anything. (we do have ebay sales, but we want website conversions now)

We offer a coupon codes once a week for different categories and put on social media sites between 10-40% off hundreds of items. We do a social media update every 3-4 days about ‘new products’ and we do a social media post once a week again to engage customers in questions and feedback and polls and general posts and stuff. Our posts get good views, over 100 likes each, and 2-12 shares each. Yet no one wants to buy.

We do pay-per-click advertising of $5/day on Facebook, and $5/day in google adwords, we ocasionally throw in a youtube video adwords campaign. We also do paid advertisements on LinkedIn, Kijiji, and Craigslist which gets hundreds of views each. However, we have no conversions. Our statistics show 40-100 visitors a day on average, not sure what bounce rate means (74%) average stay is 58 seconds.

We have great positive feedback about the design/color/layout of our site, it was professionally designed for $5500. On magento platform. We also have spent lots of money with addons like Points & Rewards systems so buyers could get free items.

All of our products are SEO setup with proper meta keywords, tags, titles, and descriptions, pictures are SEO setup also. We have 7800 PR2-PR8 backlinks we got from Fiverr gigs. Yet we still rank 0/10 on google and its been months… and months…. 80% of our descriptions are self-written, not copied from the manufacturer site, so we know our content is unique and great. We are not search engine banned, we checked.

Recently, we did 25,000 flyers distributed in our city, no conversions. We gave out over 3000 coupon code business cards to stag and does and door prizes for small events that needed handouts, no conversions.

Our ebay account that was opened 2 years ago still gets natural ebay traffic sales, 2-3 days a day which is why we are able to afford to keep going… but our website will make us 10-13% more on each sale.

We leave business cards wherever we go, we signup for 50-60 forums a month and do a few posts in each (not spam, actually contributing with real answers/news) with our website url in the signatures or footer for generating backlinks and some extra traffic.

We recently did a sponsorship with a youtube video who does product reviews of the same like we sell, this youtube user gets around 800,000 views per video and we were featured in 1 video, had a jump of visits to the site for 5-6 days, but no conversions.

We have a sales team, customer service team, live chat/toll free number. Things we cannot afford no longer because we aren’t making money at all.

I’m running out of ideas. I need more ways to advertise and get conversions. The stress is killing me.
We leave flyers/business cards at local restaurants we eat at a lot, they let us.

When we do trade shows we have signage, flyers, brochures, business cards, etc that all have our website on it. (we make great sales at our trade shows) but no conversions on the site.

We contracted out students to post 100 flyers at each the top 5 major universities in both USA and Canada for a week. Lots of traffic from the areas, but no conversions.

We have done 3 radio ads, no conversions.

We have no tried TV ads, we don’t have money anymore for it.

We have done around 40 released/published press releases, and had 15 somewhat popular bloggers review our site and blog about us. still no conversions.

We have our own blog to generate good page content.

Almost all of our ads we do are targeted towards whatever products we recently added or promoted for best results.
We sat down with a business finance expert at our bank to try to get a line of credit to get more cashflow for advertising but we were denied.

They looked over our earnings/expenses in the last year and couldn’t believe how much money was spent in numerous aspects of adverting from flyers to pay-per-click ads to newpaper ads, to online banner ads, and couldn’t believe it generated no revenue. Unfortunately they couldn’t extend us any more credit.
Thanks Jake,

We did end up going on warriorforum about 12 weeks ago, they suggested we get rid of text on our home page and just show great products, they suggested we completely rewrite the about us/shipping/returns pages as it sounded robotic, they suggested we get rid of a few other things. We actually followed suggestions really well and they said our site was great afterwards (from the visual aspect)

Our page test is 87% on 1 site, 92% on another, and a A rating on another. Load time is between 1.783 – 3.92 for 10 tests and 1.56 – 4.56 for 5 tests on another site. We read about 2 months ago about speed tests and anything longer then 4 seconds is bad, we’ve been working on compressing pictures and content to speed up customer load times.
For bounce rate, the lowest in record for us is 43% which was the week we were doing pure pay-per-click targeting advertising ONLY on Facebook.

From March 15- March 21 it was 92-94% bounce rate. between 60-180 visitors on each of this days. Traffic from Facebook, Twitter that I know of. We had a lot of ads running during this time, but our ads are targeted so why is 92% people leaving right away? Doesn’t make sense.

47% traffic is from USA, 38% is from Canada. So its good North American traffic. No bot traffic, we don’t advertise that ‘type’ of traffic on fiverr for buying bots.

gyeon answers:

Have you guys try to use affiliate marketing? Pay a commission to other people to promote for your website for you? Because reading all you write to most things you have already done! You can also do article marketing? Cause if you can write your own content then you can write an good article to get some targeted traffic too!

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