Apr 25

How to use article writing for network marketing

In the world of online marketing, article writing can help one’s MLM promotion efforts It is possible to drive traffic to your page and blogs effectively through internet marketing. You can even generate leads and promote yourself through articles writing. Article writing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies that helps generate free leads. Several businesses are using article writing marketing strategy to drive traffic to their website and to generate leads as it plays an important role in network marketing. Here are two important reasons to put up articles in your blog or page.

The first reason is writing interested and valuable topics on your business, products, useful training tips, tools, etc. Choose suitable keyword phrase in order to target search engines. Place keywords in the title and also scatter them throughout the article. Never use keywords in bulk in the article. Make sure the keyword you are using make sense and fit in the message. Do not add links to your articles but add link to capture the page. End article leaving the reader to want more information so that the reader will click on author resource link to move to next phase.

Anchor text is important. Links to another page should be made available in highlighted words. When Google spiders the article it looks for keywords in the anchor text. It is important you place some primary keywords in order to capture the page in the anchor text. Back links are highly powerful. The more articles you write for the website, the more back links you will receive. Article directories are a grate source for back links.

Another reason to write articles is to get back links. Make sure to use the anchor text for proper keywords linking as it would capture the page or your blog. Article spinning is also another popular technique to be used. It is nothing but rewriting the original article by changing the title and posting these versions to different article directories. This provides the ability to target various keyword phrases and to increase the odds of getting search engine ranking. Article spinning even increases back links to your blogs and capture pages.

Article spinning can be done manually although there is a software available for the same. However the problem with such software is that most of them spin articles into unreadable messages.

Article marketing is one of the best techniques used in network marketing. Writing articles of 400 words to 700 words with proper back links can be very effective. Link some articles to your blog and directors to capture the page. If you write article everyday for your website you will find your sales leads increasing gradually as the web page begins to rise in search engine. Write articles very often.

Article writing is also a commonly used technique to drive more traffic to your website. Using good anchor text in the keywords provides several back links which can help capture page so as to increase sales leads for your website. Generate your own free leads online through articles writing.

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