Feb 19

Web Design – Do Some Colors Make People Not Want To Buy?

Inconsistent colors in your web design can hinder people from patronizing you.

Great caution should be exercised when designing your websites sales page to enable you grab the attention of your prospective customers. The sole purpose of you having the sales letters is to ‘get people to buy from you’.

So, using inconsistent colors like: black color in one area of the sub-headline, white in another area and yellow color in yet another area of same sub-headline will divert peoples attention and make them focus on the write up itself rather than the sales page message.

Normally, every website or minisite main headline is always recommended to be blue, black or red color where the sub -headline should be royal blue or navy blue color respectively. The body text no doubt should be black color on a white background.

You can use a yellow highlighter wherever you want people to pay attention to a particular phrase or group of words. Remember to use blue color for every of your links and they should be underlined to enable people visiting your site navigate freely to wherever you want them to visit.

Doing this is one of the great ways to profit maximally online. To further crown your efforts on the internet, emphasis need to be placed on the font sizes used in designing the web sales pages to enable the site visitors read through the sales message with ease. You may want to use good font sizes for the main headline and sub-headline respectively. Please make sure that you use different font size for the two respectively. The body text font size can be 12 or there about depending upon the font type you used.

So, remember that inconsistent colors can hinder people from patronizing you.

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