Feb 15

Am I spending Too Much Time on Facebook?

Sitting at my computer wondering if I have ADHD or if it is just memory loss?  Get up and head for the kitchen.  On the way there I am wondering if I am spending too much time on Facebook and realize I am whistling the Farmville tune (it’s a Facebook app).

On the way to the kitchen I have to pass the bathroom and decide to go in and weigh myself.  In front of the mirror I smile at myself as I often do and notice my teeth are still looking a little green.  I reach for the bottle of spearmint flavored, minty fresh, pretty green mouthwash with the special whitening ingredient and give the old choppers a good rinse.  Wondering if the mouth rinse really does have a whitening agent I read the ingredients and yes, there it is right after the FD&C green no.2.  So why aren’t my teeth getting whiter?  Must make a note on my list of things to do to rinse teeth more often.

Now what did I come in here for?  Trip over bathroom scale on the way out.  What the heck did I go in there for?  Oh, yes, to weigh myself.  So I go back in and step on the scale, wondering if I’ve put on any weight since my last weigh in.  Let’s see, when was that?  Last week?  Trying to see past stomach to read the numbers down there, but stomach is in the way and I try to push it back, but then hand is in the way.  Clever idea, I’ll use a mirror.  Cant’ beat good old Yankee ingenuity.  That is what separates man from beast, Yankee ingenuity and Facebook.

Holding hand mirror out to see numbers.  Wow, my feet are really looking old.  Toe nails need cutting, too, must add to list of things to do.  Now let’s see, how much do I weigh?  291 pounds!!!  How could I have gained 100 pounds in one week?  Wait a minute, I’m using a mirror and getting a reverse image, it’s actually 192.  Whew!  Hey, I only gained 2 pounds this week. That certainly is a lot better than 100 pounds.

Put mirror back in draw alongside several diet aids and head back to computer.  Upon reaching computer realize I just got up and went to find something, but came back empty handed.  What was I looking for in the bathroom, I wonder?  Head back toward kitchen and as I pass the refrigerator I decide to have a piece of chocolate.  There on the refrigerator door is my list of things to do.  Now what was it I meant to put on the list?

Head back to computer whistling Farmville tune.

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