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What is the Difference Between White Hat and Black Hat Social Media Practices?

We must be aware of the various kinds of practices in social media.  Some practices are best (white hat) while others are worst (black hat).  But there are times when this line between the two becomes obscure.  A brand can become popular by increasing the engagement of the followers by black hat methods.

Black hat methods do not follow the rules of social media.  These rules may be written or unwritten.  In order to get a good outcome, there are certain tricks.  There are some easy methods while other methods are difficult.  The hidden techniques are supported by many brands regularly. 

Five black hat strategies and their remedies have been discussed below:

Black Hat:  How to Get Attention of the Audience

This practice is ascribed to black hat practice and has no meaning.  There are many ways to get followers. But this technique has no importance.  One should not pay for popularity.  This practice will ruin the fame of the brand.  New followers do not bother about the reputation of the brand.  Experts in spamming and hacking enter and ruin the true audience of the brand.

White Hat: Increasing the audience

The content must be engaging, which will draw the audience towards it.  The posts should be full of information, photos, videos, promotions, polls and other innovative types of interaction.  If these contents are created regularly, they will be advertised in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.  The social profile of the brand is publicized, resulting in the increase in the number of real fans and followers.

Black Hat:  Direct promotions on Facebook page

The black and white hats become obscure when direct promotion on Facebook page is involved.  Those who are running Facebook promotions in Apps on Facebook.com are following the Facebook Pages Terms.

White Hat:  Carrying on promotions legally

The promotions can be done within Apps following the Facebook Pages Terms.  They can be done on a Canvas Page or on a Page App. The social managers should have good knowledge of other rules of promotion.  These advertisements are not financed by Facebook.  The other aspects are collecting the information of the participants and those who are not following the likes, comments or check-ins as legitimate Facebook activities used for entering contests or promotions.

Black Hat:  Increasing traffic by spamming technique

The traffic in a webpage can be increased by spamming method.  Social spammers comment on popular topics.  An unusual link is attached in Twitter.  Many people click on the links left by spammers while others do not.  This black hat technique is found in practice.

White Hat:  Posting blogs to increase viewers

We can report against spamming by creating a complaint report.  But this is not the solution.  The brand should engage itself with current topics.  This is seen mostly in Twitter.  A hash tag is used in the post.  The users in Twitter will interact mostly with those brands using the hash tag and its updates.

Black Hat:  Wrong Message through Cover Photos

You should show your brand to the whole world through the cover photo on Facebook.  But there are brands which utilize this area for marketing and increase engagement.  These tactics are banned following the rules of the Facebook Page.  The rules declare the cover images should not have more than 20% text.  This text portion may include price or purchase data, website, email and mailing address.

White Hat:  Cover Photos showing evidence of Fresh thinking

You can use your cover photo for promoting a new service without violating the Facebook Pages Terms.  Taco Bell has achieved this task. The company promoted its product named Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos.  A few texts are shown here along with the photos following the guidelines of cover photo.

Black Hat:  The Automated Service of Social Media

The automated services make the point, distinguishing between the black and white hat to become obscure.  If we use automated service in the wrong direction, it can be quite annoying.  The brand should not send messages to followers for becoming their audience.  The brands try to push their product to their audience by requesting them to promote it.  Some audience may take it positively while others might feel annoyed.

  White Hat:  Application of Automation Tools for Saving Time

The posting process should not waste our valuable time and this can be done through automation tools.  IFTTT have made the management of social media quite easy.  There should be genuine discussions with the followers.  It should not be an automated system.

So, we find the white hat practice in social media is better and is more recommended than the black hat ones.  White hat practices help us get genuine and high quality audience.  This results in the worldwide reputation of the brand.  


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