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Aug 21

A no-deal Brexit could unleash a flood of fake goods in the UK, retail expert says

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei lays out ‘battle’ strategy amid US… Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei laid out plans to bring more efficiencies to the organization. This included simplifying the reporting structure, cutting down on surplus staff, axing… Technologyread more

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Aug 20

Small Business Marketing Automation: Data Privacy Tips

Even for newbies, building a website can be easy with today’s tools. Turning it into a successful online business is a whole different challenge. You can have the most visually appealing site with great functionality, but still struggle to attract users and customers. That’s why marketing is such an important skill and practice in every modern industry. The …

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Aug 19

Donna Probes: In business, its sink or soar

There are two pathways in the world of owning a business. One leads to successful growth and the other can lead to stagnation or decline. In this column, we’ll look at four common mistakes that can contribute to sinking a business. Next month I’ll focus more on the optimistic side and examine the practices that …

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Aug 18

What good can Pinterest do for your business?

Every business owner wants an easy, organic way to grow business. After all, what’s better than free advertising? Many rely on word of mouth, client referrals, and maybe the occasional good-hearted person who decided to write a good Yelp review about the business. While that’s all good and well, advertising in that way can be …

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Aug 17

The best digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week – Econsultancy

Rebecca here, filling in for Nikki with the regular weekly stats roundup. This week’s roundup includes stats on customer journey mapping, delivery times, store closures and personal data sharing. As ever, you can find a wealth of other statistics on all kinds of topics in our handy Internet Statistics Database. 43% of mid-market e-retailers deliver …

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Aug 16

BuzzFeed Marketing Chief Ben Kaufman to Step Down, Will Focus on Camp Retail Expansion

Ben Kaufman is stepping down as BuzzFeed’s chief marketing officer after less than a year, moving into an advisory role at the company with the planned expansion of Kaufman’s Camp retail stores. Starting in January 2020, Kaufman will shift into an “active advisory role” at BuzzFeed, as Camp continues to expand and “require more of …

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Aug 15

With Tumblr acquisition, Automattic gets a chance to win more brands’ business

Those are crucial opportunities for a company that has already built a dominant position in web publishing. WordPress, Automattic’s core product, powers close to one-third of the sites on the internet. But as brands and marketers start to take digital publishing more seriously and creators try to diversify revenue streams online, a race among tech …

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Aug 14

3 Actionable Steps To Boost SEO For Lead Generation And Sales, According To DesignRush

https://www.1stonthelist.ca/ 4.    Momentumm Digital Momentumm is a digital marketing and video production company based in Montreal. They specialize in video production and digital advertising with a focus on creating online momentum for their clients. Their tactics are aimed at helping brands increase the reach of audience and attract new customers. They claim to drive the highest …

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