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Feb 17

Southwest Airlines Just ‘Threatened to Fire Some of Its Employees.’ The Reason Why Is Troubling

As part of that declaration, a company memo obtained by the Chicago Business Journal says Southwest insists all mechanics who have been scheduled to work have to turn up or, if they don’t provide a doctor’s certification, be in danger of dismissal.

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Feb 16

Influencer Marketing Has Become a Massive Waste

Influencers have become all the rage in marketing. However, if you’re interested in effective marketing, you still should wonder yourself why. Often influencer campaigns fall flat. Many of them rent their audiences, as branded content strategist Lena Katz showed when she turned an uncooked potato into a figure with a following in two weeks. Payless …

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Feb 15

Simple Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales

Image credit: one photo / Shutterstock Implementing some simple, basic digital marketing strategies will ensure that more people are reached and more sales are made. As most of us know, digital marketing involves marketing products or services on the internet. If you’re new to the world of digital marketing, an expert consultant or agency can give you …

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Feb 14

Why Digital Marketing is a Necessary Channel for Business Growth

The new age for digital marketing A few years ago, people embraced traditional methods to advertise their businesses. These included TV channels and print media. Most of the people who could afford these services were the rich and owners of prominent brands. The main reason was that these media used to (and still do) charge …

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Feb 13

Relationship Marketing: Making It Personal

GettyGetty One of my youngest employees recently asked me, “How has marketing changed since you graduated from college in 1988?” My initial reaction was to talk about internet marketing, Google and social media, but then it hit me that the most important achievement of these platforms is the development of a more personal relationship with …

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Feb 12

Amy Klobuchar Is Running for President. Silicon Valley Had Better Take Notice

Klobuchar has been a strong critic of Silicon Valley while in the Senate. This year, she introduced the Social Media Privacy and Consumer Rights Act, which aims to improve Internet privacy by requiring tech companies to increase transparency in their user policies. In 2017, she worked with Arizona senator John McCain to create the Honest Act, …

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Feb 11

Innovations in advertising: 2019 digital marketing trends – Promoted

click to enlarge Gen Xers remember when the Internet came in the form of an AOL CD-ROM that came in the mail. Millennials will remember when they finally got to sign up for Facebook. And Gen Z can’t even remember a time before the Internet. In just a few short decades, the Internet has completely …

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Feb 10

Digital startups put new spin on brands | Business | Journal Gazette

Gone are the days when the only goal of a company was to persuade you to buy its product. Now, making you feel kinship with a brand – even love – takes precedence. At least, that’s what a group of influential startups believe. Eyewear-maker Warby Parker, makeup seller Glossier, mattress retailer Casper – all of …

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