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How to Choose a Right Digital Photo Frame

This morning, I read an article titled if done right; photo slideshows can add personality and fun to a wedding. One couple want their gusts at their wedding to understand how they fell in love, so they plan to present a slideshow with photos of them growing up and growing together as a couple. Of course, the assistant is a smart and elegant digital photo frame.

It is really a neat idea and an extra way to remind you, as a guest, where you are and how special it is you are there. Because what the digital photo frame shows are not only the photos of the couple but also of important guests including you.

Slideshows have become common at weddings. Experts say they must be done properly to succeed. Choosing a right and perfect-performance digital photo frame matters much. Then how to choose a right digital photo frame?

According to the free encyclopedia-Wikipedia, a digital photo frame (also called digital media frame) is a picture frame that displays digital photos without the need to print them or use a computer.

Due to the great convenience of digital photo frame, it enjoys a growing popularity around the whole word not only among wholesale electronics manufactures but also electronics consumers. However, not all of the consumers are satisfied with the digital photo frame they purchased from a wholesale electronics online store.

Some consumers complained that a digital photo frame’s 480-by-234-pixel screen resolution is the kiss of death. It makes images appear boxy, jagged, and pixelated. Some grumble the mats for one frame’s surround suffer from poor design that gets in the way of usability. Others murmur at poor contrast levels which make images look a bit washed out… Then how to choose a really good digital photo frame? According to different reviews and experts’ suggestion, we conclude the following rules for your reference.

The first and foremost factor should be the digital photo frame’s resolution.

Surely, you want to see your pictures clearly and sharply. So please never settle for a digital photo frame with resolution below 640 * 480 Pixels. For example, if a digital photo frame’s resolution is 480 *234 pixels, this is too low to display details and most of its images will look boxy and pixilated—no bargain! Consider only frames with a resolution of 640-by-480 or higher.

The second rule you should take into consideration is the size and aspect ratio of the digital photo frame.

On today’s market, many electronics wholesalers launch various digital photo frame with the size range from mini1.5 inch to as large as 17 inch.

The choice is up to your need and taste.

Digital Photo frames typically come in one of two aspect ratios:4:3 or 16:9. By default, most point-and-shoot digital cameras capture photos in 4:3-the best fit for your photos, as 16:9 frames will have to crop a piece of the top and bottom of your photos to fit the image on the LCD screen. On the other hand, the 16:9 aspect ratio gives your images a pleasing widescreen feel, which might be a better bet for some.

Thirdly, the functions of digital photo frame.

With the rapid development of modern technology, digital photo frames have been incorporated into more advanced features and function. Most digital photo frames display the photos as a slideshow and usually with an adjustable time interval. They may also be able send photos to a printer.

Other may support additional multimedia content, such as movie clips recorded in a digital camera’s movie mode, MPEG video files and/or MP3 audio. Many can display text files. Certain frames can load pictures over the Internet from RSS feeds, photo sharing sites such as Flickr, Picasa and from e-mail. Such networked models usually support wireless (802.11) connections.

So it is also up to your needs. Of course, the price also rises up with the added functions.

Fourthly, you do not have to only focus on brand names.

Most of us had high hopes for HP’s first digital photo frame, but we are disappointed to find that the company built it around a dismal LCD riddled with scaling problems that produced jagged, grainy images. And this digital photo frame also had a hard-to-maneuver menu system that made it difficult to recommend.

On the flip side, many consumer electronics wholesaler like Chinazrh present high quality digital photo frames and other wholesale electronics. Just take the 8inch Touch Screen Digital Photo Frame with Wifi for example. This digital photo frame cannot only display sharper and clearer  pictures as you expect but also comes With many various added functions such as weather report, IP Radio, News, YouTube, Stock Gmail etc- you will achieve much more fun and convenience from the product.

With the above on mind, you are bound to choose your ideal digital photo frame. Why not take serve seconds to come to one of the best wholesale electronic online store-Chinazrh. What you are going to enjoy is not only high quality digital photo frames but also considerate and thoughtful service.

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