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Your Questions About Facebook Marketing Tips

Nancy asks…

What are the best websites for providing stock market tips and forex tips?

I’m looking for actual market tips, such as Buy Facebook at $30, not tips like ‘Dont put all your eggs in the one basket.’ I know a lot of websites offer Free tips but how do you know which Tips are good and which Tips are bad?

gyeon answers:

If any of these tips are profitibla on the long run, they will not give it to you free. They will just trade it on themselves.

Free and Profit are never be at the same place when it comes to stocks or forex.

Daniel asks…

Why does it seem like churches advertise their services just like any other business?

Ad found on facebook: “church marketing tips


gyeon answers:

Because they do.
Have to spend money to keep people in the seats buying the salvation, both literally and figuratively.

Thomas asks…

Is there any book about Facebook tips and tricks in czech or slovak language?

I am seeking book about social network Faceboo in slovak or czech language. I want more information on topics such as.: Registration for Facebook, emoticons for Facebook, Facebook status, how to find password on Facebook etc. Thanks

gyeon answers:

One of the books about Facebook tips and tricks in slovak and czech language is Fenomen Facebook. You can find useful tips, tricks about search, registration, login, friends or basics of facebook marketing in groups or fan pages etc.

Http://www.fenomen-facebook.sk (Fenomen Facebook in slovak language)
http://www.fenomen-facebook.cz (Fenomen Facebook in czech language)

Laura asks…

What’s the best way to find marketing work without direct prior experience?

I’m looking to find work in marketing,and I’m attracted to copywriting but I’m really not fussy about the specialty. I haven’t worked in a marketing agency or department before, but I have worked in B2B sales and event production.
I see plenty of vacancies advertised, but at the moment, even assistant-level roles ask for 1 year’s experience and above. Whats a good way to get on the ladder in this industry?

gyeon answers:

My suggestion would be Facebook for advertising / marketing it is really hot for trading. Serious.

Copy writing is brilliant venue and a smart opportunity for you to ‘strut’ your work so forums are great: like the Warrior Forum and I will give you a couple of tips to start ok?

And place your name and business with oDesk, there are plenty of searches there…

Hey, whatever your endeavors are may it always be successful 🙂

Susan asks…

Do you have any additional creative ideas for FREE advertising?

Other than typical social media tips, like facebook or affiliate marketing on forums o blogs. Doesn’t have to be necessarily online.

Its for an advertising of a new branch of an already popular pub & restaurant.

gyeon answers:


If it is for a new pub or such like then try contacting the local press for a story about “business expanding during credit crunch” !!!
The press have enough bad news for the papers so a bright happy story gives publicity and they fill their pages.


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