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Your Questions About Search Engine Optimisation Starter Guide

James asks…

How can I get my site better placement on the search engines?

I used to be on the first page of every search engines and now some times I can’t find my site.
I depend on my website for my income.

bizzyhom answers:

If you’d like a crash course on SEO the best thing to do is read the PDF google put together on the subject. It is called the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. Do a quick search online and you will find it.

As for why your Web site is no longer showing up in the early results there are lots of reasons why. Search engines take 100’s of things into account in the algorithms when ranking sites.

A short list of things to pay attention to when trying to optimize.

1. Title Tag, should have keywords in it. If you sell computers for gamers, then make sure thats in your title tag “Top of the Line Gaming Computers | Company Name ”

2. Meta tags, keywords and description should be accurate and also have key words or phrases in both of them.

3. Name of your page, on your gaming computers page you should name the URL with keywords “domain.com/computers/gaming/alien-ware-computers.html”

4. Your images should also be named descriptively with keywords. If you have a photo of a dell AC3323 then your image should be named “dell-ac3323.jpg”

5. Alt tags on images, alt tags are what show up in place of your photo when your photo will not load for people viewing your pages.

6. Last but not least, good content. Your page should have great content that will make people want to link to your pages, and should be organized using H1 tags and H2 tags.

This is a good start, the Google guide will help you more.

Paul asks…

How to Optimize website for yahoo and google search engine?

I have website and i want to Optimize website for yahoo and Google search engine please give me suggestions.

bizzyhom answers:

Google up SEO

I would recommend http://static.googleusercontent.com/external_content/untrusted_dlcp/www.google.com/en//webmasters/docs/search-engine-optimization-starter-guide.pdf


If you already have a website, you will have at least to review each pages to optimize its content, particularly meta description, title, H1, H2

I would recommend you do a full pass, at least including any changes in URLs name so they are relevant before submitting to google cause later changes are very painful…

George asks…

How do I make my website visible from different search engines?

I made my website on Godaddy.com and paid for it to be visible from google but it only shows up when the exact website in entered. How do I make my website visible with related searches? Any help will do !

bizzyhom answers:

Typically if there few a few links to your site from other sites already indexed by the search engines, their spiders will ‘discover’ your site while following those links, probably getting you added to their search results without even submitting the site.

You will have to read up on SEO.

Google has a booklet covering ‘onsite’ optimization of your site to make it easy for search engines to examine it:

The term optimization is misused to also represent the various ‘off site’ methods used to game the popularity vote system by getting links back from other sites.

You could be in the search results, but back on page 10 where virtually no one looks.

There are tools that will report your search result position for various search keywords:
Use either the free rankchecker for firefox http://tools.seobook.com/firefox/rank-checker/ or the rankcheker in the free evaluation version of SEO Powersuit http://www.link-assistant.com/rank-tracker/ to generate a search ranking report for the list of keywords, the latter has some other analysis functions.

Typically you would want to identify the search keywords you would like to rank for, small sites have a better chance of showing up for lower search volume, less competitive terms. Rather than attempting to rank for: Dog Training, one might target: Clicker and Reward Dog Training.

One has to be realistic, if some search phrase gets a million results, does your site really deserve to be one of the top 10 results on page #1. Targeting those searches with fewer results improves your chances of being seen.

The free Google Keyword tool can help you find real world searches for terms related to your site’s theme.

Writing a separate article featuring a different keyword is a common practice, you only want to mention it a few times in the whole page, but if you stay on topic the search engines will recognize some related phrases as well. Ideally you would have several backlinks to that article, with a small percentage of them using anchor text resembling the keyword. (The new Penguin filter is one the lookout for excessive keyword use or unnatural percentages of anchor text links)

Jenny asks…

How do I get google to allow people to find my blog when they search for certain topics/subjects?

Whenever I do searches for certain subjects, I often find myself on people’s blogs. How can I get people to do the same with mine? Thanks.

bizzyhom answers:

Start by mastering Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide (PDF format)


Steven asks…

How’s the best way to start with search engine optimization?

I don’t really know anything about SEO, but i need to learn so i can sell my products.


bizzyhom answers:

Dear Pumpkin-Man,


Instead of trying to understand convoluted explanations from self-promoting—and self-enthroned—experts, you should first get crystal-clear explanations directly from Google itself—I would never strongly enough suggest you to read the self-explanatory “Google’s SEO Starter Guide” (see the link in the Source section below), which mainly unveils the basics of SEO, that is, how to:

—identify relevant topics through analysis of searched keywords
—leverage right keywords in pages (e.g., title, description, and keywords metatags)
—write content on identified relevant topics

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you take a closer look at your website through the lens of the Google’s SEO Starter Guide, you’ll then be able to find out what you’ve done well, and what remains to be implemented—e.g., page name, page title, description, headers (h1, h2, h…), content, link strategy.

I would also suggest you to read the best answer I gave to the question “How to add your webpage to search engine?” in Yahoo! Answers (see the link in the Source section below), which explains how you can create a fruitful relationship with Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask—these search engines all together represent 95% of the online search queries. Hence, you’ll will be able to:

—make search engines aware of your sites and pages, fast;
—find out problems they encountered while crawling it, easily; and
—fix those issues based on suggestions they give you, definitively.

SEO directly from the field

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