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Your Questions About Video Marketing Robot

Steven asks…

How to convince people that an innovation will change the market?

I know its so general question, so here I will give exact details
am an engineer and has nothing to do with marketing, I made an idea of a robot and i will start competition soon, 25% of the mark will be on marketing so i have to convince professor that this robot will change the market (unfortunately am not good at convincing anybody in this way)
robot brief details: small size, cheap, has advanced obstacle avoidance system which means it always takes best route without human orders (1st system by ultrasonic), has auto pilot, GPS tracking system, wireless controlling not limited by distance, advanced decision making depending on image processing algorithms for obstacle avoidance (2nd system b camera), long battery life, fast in moving, can send sensors reading while in motion, can be controlled via mobile or computer or eye tracking (user moves his eye, robot takes same route), can deliver live video and audio from surrounding area…
applications: it is general and can be used in any application depending on what sensors does user put on it, basically it can enter poisoned areas and mind fields and deliver live info and sensors readings wirelessly (mines positions on GPS, CO1 in air or whatever sensors readings user put on it), it can take up to 28 different sensors of any type.

question 1) how to convince that this robot is good and can change market?
question 2) what other applications can such a robot enter? (no need to explain how, its my job, i just want ideas on where can i use such a thing)
note: it cant move things because it doesnt have hands, its a car shaped robot.
please help me since its so important project for me, thank you so much

bizzyhom answers:

There is a need in automatic forklifts.
Where my wife works a robotic fork lift ran over a man and killed him.
They followed a preset course and didn’t have sensors.

George asks…

Are there any programs like Natural Reader, but without the robot voice and the price tag?

For a video, it would be great to use voice in it, but I cannot use my microphone.
I heard about Natural reader, but it’s free trial is no better than putting a wire between my headphone and microphone jacks and getting microsoft anna to read it.

So, are there any free programs without the robot voice & price tag?

bizzyhom answers:

Natural Reader is actually the best text to speech software on the market right now.
You’re not gonna get around the robot voice for a while, especially without the price tag.

Betty asks…

How do I create a robot using some kind of walkman or other things?

Hello. I read this article in reader’s digest back when I was a 7 years old about a guy who makes robots using a walkman and he turns them into things that look like spiders. I read about it that he created it without a some kind of artificial intelligence processor. It really sounded pretty easy to make and really cheap considering you need to only use tools and a walkman or radio. If someone could direct me to a website that teaches people how to make it that would be great. Also, a video would help, too 🙂
Hello, what I was describing is not just a robot on wheels. I read that it’s super simple yet super interesting. It’s a walker that can fight for light since they’re solar powered. Goddamn, I read about it back then but I know it was an issue from way before year 2000. I think it was 1994 or 1998. I really don’t know. But please, I really want to know if anyone of you remembers that issue or the one that created it. It really intrigued me 🙂

bizzyhom answers:

I have to agree with Lex, Something you read years back would be very obsolete by today’s standards,
And with some of the many microcontroller boards on the market(such as arduino) you could easily engineer your own creation from the ground up.
Freescale has a load of boards,development kits, coridium has been used in autonomous UAVs(drones), Microchips slide 17, and so on. All open source, much to be had for under $30.
The Youtube videos may help spawn ideas for projects.
The more understanding you have with embedded controllers, the more wild you can get with your imagination. You might read books related to robotics and numeric machine control.
I can’t fathom a robot from a walkman other than a wheeled toy you can find on the market, but that is being creative to say the least.
I used to rob controller boards from old laser printers, with servos and step motors, sensors, etc.
All sorts of useable parts in such devices, much discarded in the trash.

Mandy asks…

What Should I Do With My Money For 2009?

I’m 19 years old, I have at 6,000 saved in a money market.
Should I buy stocks? (I have Ideas)
I have an opportunity to buy a house. Should I buy property?
Any suggestions to make money?
Cause I know everything in the future will start turning around.
I do have a job and also got a raise.
and as for the house, my father would
help me. Of course. & btw Education is the first
priority which is already been taken care of. So thats why im asking what to do as an “investment” not my future.

bizzyhom answers:


My response is two-fold.

Real Estate.

Although most U.S. Real estate will continue to depreciate in 2009 before stabilizing at some unknown future date, a few areas are expected to increase in value by as much as 1.8% to 3.6%. Housingpredictor.com recently released their annual list of best and worst U.S housing markets, with seventeen of the top 25 markets showing a likelihood of actual appreciation throughout 2009. So there are great opportunities out there. Some markets will continue to depreciate, others will increase. So you have to study carefully the market you are targeting before investing.

Other types of investments.

I would say it is a good time to invest but with a really long term perspective. In my opinion, NASDAQ (that is the market I am used to day-trading in) will continue to go down. So buy stocks? If it is LONG TERM, fine.
By the way, you could make a lot of money with day-trading but that is another vast topic and it is to be used with a lot of caution. In other words, you may day-trade only if you have a system that works and if you perfectly know what you are doing. I could never emphasize that enough.

There is something else that you should know about … It is called FOREX trading robots.
If you have not heard of a FOREX trading robot yet, then try looking for some on the Internet because these things may be the solution to your financial problems. The FOREX market is a financial market that deals with currency exchanges all over the world. Based on the strength of a particular currency, these values go up and down and fluctuate according to elements in the market, such as political, business, and economic factors. The FOREX trading robot is an application hat you need to install onto your computer that will do trading with this currencies right from your home.

All you need to start with this is a computer and an Internet connection. After you have selected and purchased a trading robot of your choice, you just need to pop in the installation CD and follow the simple instructions on the screen to get you ready for making those extra dollars.

What you need to do once you have installed the software is to choose a certain currency pair, such as the United States Dollar (USD) against the Japanese Yen (JPY). The robot will then analyze all the financial trends that happen between these two currencies. You do not even need to worry about how this is done because the software will do it all for you. A lot of expert traders have been skeptical about this at first, but after trying it, they have learned to trust it and just let everything go.

Where else can you get easy money and are free to go about wherever you want?

So, go online now and start using a FOREX trading robot to earn those extra dollars.
Forex Auto Pilot Turbo is an automated expert advisor for the Metetrader4 platform that can automatically trade on your behalf. This robot was developed by 3 IT programmers.
It’s the only software of its kind that shows ongoing trade results from two live trading accounts (and not just backtesting results!) and updates them every 15 minutes.

There are many reasons why Forex Auto Pilot Turbo has hit the Forex market by storm:

• It’s a true plug & play system. The only thing you need to do is set it up and let it run on autopilot.
• You are given the option to host it on a remote server, so that you don’t have to keep your computer turned on all the time.
• It has been tested with real live trading accounts, not just demo accounts.
• It has very good video tutorials that can help you install the system.
• This program is restless. It can work 24 hours a day, 5 days a week analyzing the market trends.
• You don’t have to be an experienced trader, you just need to follow simple setup instructions.
• They offer excellent customer service. Their team responds very quickly to any question.
• It has tighter risk controls and is designed to find more profit opportunities than any other software out there.
• There is a 60-day money back guarantee, which gives you the opportunity to buy the software, test it on a demo account for a month and return it if you don’t like the results.
• This robot requires a very small investment, you can trade with as little as $50
• Its winning rate is 95.9% and its drawdown is 0.35%, when most systems have a 10%-20% drawdown.
• It uses 2 strategies to maximize profits: the scalping strategy (short-term) and the advanced strategy (long-term).
• Its risk controls and its ability to find profit opportunities are higher than any other robot out there.

To sum it up: Real Estate? Why not but study carefully the local market. Stocks? Long Term perspective only. Day-trading? If you are a pro. Forex? The easiest way in my opinion. Forex Auto Pilot Turbo will generate profit with very little risk. You take a look at it and get started with a demo account first before go live trading. If

Chris asks…

How do I get my four year old son to listen/behave?

Help!! I feel like he’s out of control. Whenever I or his grandma ask him to do something, we have to tell him at least 4 times before he’ll listen. He won’t be quiet when we try to watch ONE tv show that’s not a cartoon, and he can’t be left alone because he’ll inevitably get in trouble. (Yesterday he drew robots with crayon all over his walls and dresser.) I feel like he’s more hyper than most kids his age and that he hasn’t grown out of the terrible twos yet!! Is this normal? What can I do to get him under control? I’ve tried time-outs, allowance money, even a couple spankings, which I don’t want to do again. Help!

bizzyhom answers:

Sometimes children “act out” because of “contributing factors”.

Be sure that he is getting enough sleep….young children need 9-10 hours sleep…not just the approx. 8 we “adults” supposedly only need. (i.e. Albert Einstein religiously slept for 10 hours every day). If he is not getting enough sleep he may be “acting out” just to stay busy and not fall asleep…most children fight the urge/need to go to sleep.

At 4… A nap in the middle of the day might work…especially if he doesn’t sleep long enough at night. You may need to lay down with him to “cuddle with mommy” for a little bit…till he “learns how to relax”…it does sometimes have to be “learned”.

Be sure that he is not getting too much sugar intake….other than sodas…most fruit juices have HUGE amounts of sugar added to them. They are commonly markets as 100% natural or 100% juice even with extra water and sugar added…and the FDA allows it, because water and sugar are “naturally occuring” in juice…so it is larger doses of “natural” ingredients. (shame). I give my children a little juice in the morning (one 8oz glass, not every day) and some when they are playing sports i.e. Soccer) but mostly water and milk…some gatorade and other low sugar drinks…depending on activities and outside temperatures.

Drawing on walls with the crayons…yep, normal…but if you provide him with enough paper and other resources (I used dry erase boards from walmart, etc that also taught writing, math, and had drawing spaces) he will be more prone to draw on those surfaces and have fun “wiping them off” and doing it again(!). Kids love repetition.

Sign him up for a soccer team (they just love running around and pretending to play at this age) or gymnastics?….so long as it is a high energy activity…and it builds social skills with the other kids.

With some (or all) of these ideas in place…when you (or Grandma) speak to him and he doesn’t listen… Do some of the following:
-CALMLY walk over, sit in front of him (blocking his vision from tv etc) and/or hold his face “gently” towards yours (eye contact) and say it again.
-If that doesn’t work because he is too fixated on the tv (cartoon/video game etc)…”if thine eye offend thee”….turn it off…..unplug it…disconnect the cable…remove the offending item/activity that is being valued more than showing respect to mom/grandma. Your son will start to learn that if he doesn’t listen to you…the toy…the tv…the game…etc will be taken away. My children learned to listen to me and my wife with; “if the — is more important than listening to us…then it has to go away for a while.” (hours, days, weeks)

These types of behaviour modification methods work better than the spankings, bribes with money, and time outs….because the “rewards” for good behaviour..is being allowed to do “normal” stuff…no candy/bribes… Do what’s expected out of love and respect.

(my children were similar, for a brief period…these are some of the things that “fixed” them. EVERYONE compliments us on our well behaved children. There is play time..and time to behave.

Treat them with respect and expect it in return.

Too long already… Enough for now?

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