Oct 22

Your Questions About Video Marketing Services

John asks…

How do I sell stain glass window repair services to local churches?

My husband creates stain glass windows both residential and church windows and I want to help market his services in the local Danville, VA area which is considered the ‘city of churches”. How do I do that?

gyeon answers:

Use printer and computer to start website,,take fotos(stills,videos) of work samples,work area,.print up flyers with nice color and detail,hand deliver to churches.phone and marketing companies can search out addresses of hundreds of churches(for fee ,nothing free these days) find out price for brand new stained glass,and make a competitive price list for doing repairs.some stained glas sashes can be restored with just uniform heat from a two dollar barbeque coil coal starter.someone else may tell prospect that the whole sash has to be re camed,when a slow flattening from heat source,plus polishing up with pumice,and spot repairs with good putty(nu-putty,des plaines,Il) may last for 45 years,and the pastor would probably be pleased with that

Thomas asks…

How do I make a website to offer my services to the community?

I have been working for 11 years now and feel it’s time to cut out the middle man – my boss! He has been making huge gains off my sweat, pays me the bare minimum, and gives me no benefits or vacations.

I feel that I should go into business for myself and was wondering if anyone knows how I can create a website to market my services to the community.

Thank you

gyeon answers:

If you can maneuver any basic print shop program you will love this place for building your website. Go to Homestead.com for the site and use their site builder…not site builder lite. They have video tutorials and great tech support. 5 pages for 5 bucks a month. First buy your domain at GoDaddy.com (its cheaper and all you will have to do is point it once you want to go online.)

Hope this helps.

Steven asks…

How to market my own interior design services via internet?

Hi, I have been owning an interior designing & decoration firm named “Esthetic Interiors” at Kolkata, West Bengal, India which has carried out many home decor projects successfully. Now I intend to market my services extended to a bigger domain. Help me by suggesting how I can spread the business through internet. Thanks in advance…

Nandini Ghosh

gyeon answers:

If you really want to start something big and have enough money to invest then I suggest you to buy a domain, host it, create a website, give a nice and thematic design. Add content like info, images, video, services, rates, contacts & all latest business info.

That’s not all.

Promote your website in all free popular resources on the web. I am sure you will see the difference after minimum of 6 months time.

Best of luck

Helen asks…

How do you start a paypal account to get paid for services online?

I have one for shopping online but have a good idea for services online and want to know if a paypal account for this is a good idea and how it works. BB…~M~

gyeon answers:

Well it depends on what you are trying to do. I actually have an account as well that I use to get paid for services. I upgraded my account to a merchant account. This allows me to get paid for my social marketing services and my online products. You can most certainly get another account but it has to be a different bank account. I have like four different bank accounts. What I did for my online course is create a paypal button using my merchant account and placed it on my sales page.

You can take a peak at my sales page by going to http://www.viralflamemarketing.com to see how I use mine. Look at the bottom and you will see I have my paypal button. If you need more information on how to set one up I can create a short video for you showing you where inside the paypal account you need to look to create a merchant account. I can even show you how to set up a payment button. Just let me know if this is something you need and I will create the video as a free tutorial.

To contact me go to the contact us section of my website and let me know if this is something that would help you and leave me your email address.

Ken asks…

How can you tell if an online marketing opportunity is for real?

I have seen many affiliate marketing opportunities one i’m particularly interested in but I don’t know how to tell if it is genuine or if it is just a huge waste of time and money? What guidelines should I use to measure each opportunity by?

gyeon answers:

Making money online can be tricky. Especially for someone that’s completely new to the idea. The best part about affiliate marketing is that it should never cost you money to be an affiliate, you can promote as many products at the same time as you like, you don’t need to stock any products, and you don’t need to worry about customer service. As far as knowing where to start. I started with a free video course I found. It answered a lot of questions for me and helped me get going in the right direction making money on the internet as a marketer. The site is called www.cashdailyvip.com and like I said the video training is completely free.

I just have to recommend one thing. Stay away from the idea of blasting you products on social sites. You could get kicked off for spamming.

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